From thrashing about like eels to sunlit days/moonlit nights – Speculation about Tyler/Caroline Sex vs Matt/Caroline Sex


Gen tweeted the first image at me and exclaimed “Trevino!Ass”. I was in awe of her ability to notice that, what with the rampant Tyler torso porn. As should we all be.

The Vampire Diaries season three extended promo gives us a far more explicit look at the Tyler/Caroline sex that will be going down (no, not going down in that way, you dirty, dirty Trevino mistresses to Gen’s husband!) in the first episode back after hiatus, Birthday.

It’s no accident that, in a promo drenched, no dripping with sex and blood, we have Caroline and Tyler action amped up to the max, whereas Matt/Caroline’s ill-fated attempt at sexytimes in season one was glaringly dispassionate/bloodless in tone.

Fellow Forwood unicorn lovers, we may not have gotten a promo poster of Caroline holding a banana (yes, I’m in a smutty mood at the moment), the one piece of fruit I think was grossly overlooked by CW’s marketing department.

But never fear, I am going to dissect every microsecond of TC sexy goodness we have gotten so far, and speculate the ways in which I think TC sex will differ dramatically from MC sex, in keeping with the differences in their relationships.

Disclaimer: I like Matt well enough when he is not around Caroline, but I think 12_12_12’s latest post on Matt/Caroline outlines why this relationship will forever be toxic in my eyes, and why I have side-eyeing him quite severely of late. Vampire Barbie and Teen Wolf come first for me, and their treatment by other characters colours my perceptions of those characters.

Now, with that outta the way, let’s get to the good stuff!

Spoilers for season three will be referenced, so read at your own risk!

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Original Sins, Originals Sinning & Deadly Sins – My Take On The Vampire Diaries Season Three Extended Promo


Promo screen grabs all from

Just when we were arming ourselves with pitchforks to storm the CW offices and demand an extended Vampire Diaries Season Three extended promo, STAT, they delivered in style.

Let’s indulge in the debauchery, campiness and decadence! This post is only spoilery if you consider promos to be spoilery.

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Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. SEX. Vampire Diaries Season Three extended promo!

Just call me sleeping beauty, because whenever I catch some z’s lately, I’ll wake up and suddenly TYLER/CAROLINE SEX IS ALL UP ON MY DASH.

I don’t have time to analyse everything fully this morning before work, my lovelies, but I just had to *flail*flail*flail* over the new Vampire Diaries season three promo that is well worth the excruciating wait for Tyler/Caroline fans. To put it mildly!

Thanks Charlotte, Alyssa and Paloma for bringing these momentous clips to my attention, and Gen, Cath and everyone else on Tumblr, I look forward to the many ways in which you can gif our to bbs getting hot and heavy. Imagine what we will be like when we have the full scene!

And now, I will go to work and pretend that I am a dignified, refined professional lady, and not some 13 year old jumping up and down inside screaming “Forwood unicorns are everywhere! Let me die! Is this the real life?” 😉

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Tyler = Jess? Mini Update Courtesy of the Flawlessness that is Sophie AKA The Love Story Princess

(Amy, I SWEAR I’m not trolling you with yet more Jess coverage ;P)

Sophie AKA The Love Story Princess is one of my fangirl spirit animals. Her flawlessness  includes sharing an appreciation for Tyler Lockwood, Jess Mariano and Pacey Witter.

Just when I thought this girl couldn’t get even more perfect, I was skimming through her Tumblr today when I was suddenly hit with an attack of the squees.

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Vampire Diaries Season Three – Liveblogging/Twitter Competition for Tyler/Caroline fans

Vampire Diaries is one of those shows that just makes you scream at the TV, or bounce in your seat, or some other involuntary motion – it’s impossible to sit still with all of the awesomeness that explodes across your screen.

Many of us take to Twitter, or text other fellow addicts via mobile phone, to squee and ask “have thine eyes seen what mine have?”

On special occasions, like the season three premiere, Julie from, Amy from and I do a little something I like to call liveblogging (well, when technology doesn’t epically fail on me).

Given that this is The Year of Forwood and Delena, and the Tyler/Caroline squeeage that has resulted from .0001 seconds of promo footage, I thought it would be fun to have a little competition for anyone who wants to get involved.

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New and unexpected challenges & emotional confrontations. Also, starch – Got Forwood Spoiler Whore – Tyler/Caroline Speculation – Vampire Diaries Season Three

So, I stumbled across a Matt lovers Vampire Diaries haven recently and… let’s just say that I’ve decided that I need to severely limit my starch and carbs intake.

Matt Dovovan AKA Mr Mashed Potatoes (TM Price), the greatest unintended ambassador of the Atkins diet ever.

After my brief time hanging around these slightly disturbing quarters of one of the five food groups (hey, I had to see it to believe it!), you have no idea how much I was looking forward to getting back to Forwood-y fuzzy goodness.

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Social Media Experiment: Check out Rhinocerous in Love, have a Rhino sketch done by local artist Joelie Croser… and maybe win an IPAD 2 for your efforts!

Blinded by Love, Joelie Croser

Blinded By Love, by Joelie Croser

One of the highlights of the OzAsia Festival calendar this year is Rhinocerous in Love, the Australian debut of an experimental drama that has reinvented modern Chinese theatre. The director Meng Jinghui is a bit of a renegade, pushing boundaries of what contemporary Chinese theatre is all about, and is known as the Tarantino of Chinese theatre!

The Adelaide Festival Centre has asked young people like me to help spread the word about Rhinocerous in Love by becoming “Rhino Helpers”. The original idea is that the person who has the most tickets sold through BASS citing their promo code wins an IPAD 2 (with WI-FI + 3G + 32GB valued at $839) – but the AFC are happy for me to take a slightly different approach.

I’m more interested in being a Rhino Helper in terms of this being a great social media experiment. I thought I would give the incentive that if I am the most successful Rhino Helper, I will give one of my ticket buyers the IPAD 2 instead.

I’ve also enlisted the help of my favourite local artist, the lovely and talented Joelie Croser, who was behind the Handbook for Girls exhibition at Urban Cow Studio I blogged about last year, to help make this competition more fun.

If you buy tickets through BASS (in person/on phone 131 246/online to Rhinocerous in Love using my code (RHINOCHERIE), email me at with a concept involving a Rhino, and Joelie will sketch this. I’ll post each sketch on my blog in the lead up to the competition closing date (tickets have to be purchased using the code by 9am, 13 September). Then, I’ll produce a final post on opening night of Rhinocerous in Love  (16 September) containing all sketches and asking you to vote for your favourite sketch.

The person who comes up with the concept for the most popular sketch will win the IPAD 2, if I end up being the most successful Rhino Helper.

For example, my first ticket buyer (love you Mum!) asked Joelie to sketch a Rhino blinded by love (see above). This Rhino is walking a tight rope with eyes firmly shut, and cheeks blushing with the flush of love. Can you think of something equally zany, creative and quirky?

In addition, if you buy tickets using my code, you save $5 off the normal adult price for viewing this show. So, get your creative juices flowing! Joelie and I can’t wait to see some of the Rhino ideas you come up with!

Below are the steps to follow in full to take part in this competition. If you have any questions about this process, email me at

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My Top Twenty Most Loved/Hated Characters & Favourite Pieces of Eye Candy of All Time. What are yours?

There’s an internet meme going around at the moment where you’re asked to select your top twenty favourite characters of all time, and then ask people to spot patterns in your choice.

I’ve decided to take this a little further and post my top twenty beloved characters, my top twenty most loathed characters and top twenty favourite pieces of eye candy of all time that have graced/disgraced my TV screen. I’ve also briefly listed some common denominators that I can see between the characters, though would am highly curious if you can see I am missing any patterns in my love/hate! I mean, aren’t we always partially blind when it comes to the people we are attracted to?

Also, be sure to let me know what your top twenty lists, and I promise to give insights into what this reveals about your particular kinks, fetishes and dislikes 😉

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Peter = Future!Tyler? Dear God, I Hope So!

I’m taking a break from your regularly scheduled meta and thinky thoughts about spoilers to indulge in a little shameless (spoiler free!) fangirling.

Swimfans, get prepared to be as a shallow as a kiddie pool…

Recently I did meta comparing Tyler Lockwood/Jess Mariano and the ships of Tyler/Caroline and Jess/Rory, as a kind of cautionary tale for the Vampire Diaries writers in season three.

So if Tyler = Jess, I wonder if he will follow in the smoking hot footsteps of the grown up version of Jess… Peter Petrelli from Heroes! Seriously, if Peter is any indication, we have good things to look forward to with Future!Tyler. I haven’t watched Heroes but have read some interesting livejournal entries about Heroes of late, and do believe that I have been missing some quality eye candy/storylines.

Let’s have a look at some of Peter Petrelli’s finest moments.

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Chest Monsters & Locket!Horcruxes – Mini Got Forwood Spoiler Whore Edition – Tyler/Caroline Speculation

Accio Tyler/Caroline spoilers! (thanks Charlotte for the tip, as always, bb!)

Zap2It’s Carina recently posted an article containing spoilery stills for season three of The Vampire Diaries, including some squee-inducing pictures of Vampire Barbie and Teen Wolf.

Let’s discuss!

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