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Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – Crying Wolf – Vampire Diaries

Last episode was a dark time for Forwood shippers.


And I’m not talking the good kind of dark, like Music Sex God in his Black Outfit of Lust.


(Seriously, I wish that this man could be cast as Klaus, because there is no way you could confuse him for an ordinary mortal)

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My Predictions for the Remainder of Vampire Diaries Season 2

The Vampire Diaries is back!



So I’m going to make some predictions for the remainder of season two, and see how many actually turn out to be even a tiny bit correct. I’d love to hear what you think will happen too, so we can later commisserate or glow with smug self-satisfaction depending on whether we are right or wrong!

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Theme song for Team Shirtless Salvatores


What’s that you want to show everyone, Stefan?

Oh! The theme song you and Damon helped me devise for the hallowed cause, In Defense of Shirtless Salvatores?

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Mixtape Mondays – Spidey Jeremy & Spidette Bonnie – The Vampire Diaries – Part II

Don’t forget to read Part I so you are all up to speed if you haven’t already 🙂

Also, as before, all awesome GIFs and picspam from F**k Yeah Steven R McQueen Tumblr unless otherwise credited.

 The thing i like most about Steven R. McQueen is how he never rolls his eyes at my dumb questions. (via@cadlymack twitter)  i just want to put him in my pocket.

Let’s go!

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Mixtape Mondays – Spidey Jeremy & Spidette Bonnie – The Vampire Diaries – Part I

 remember-my-december:  “We tested you. You failed.”

The possibility of levitating wicca sex never looked as appealing as it did when Jeremy Gilbert from the Vampire Diaries started falling for his sister’s BFF, Bonnie Bennett.

Ever since Jeremy clenched his SuddenlySmokingHotJaw…

Look at that jaw work.

This is the Jaw Thing Magnum Opus!

… I’ll happily admit that I would be content to ship him with potted vervain if it means I get some little Gilbert action.

Brilliant GIFS and picspam from F**k Yeah Steven R McQueen as usual.  

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