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“My Care Bear with fangs”: Book Recap – The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike – Chapters 1 – 3

Are you ready for the best vampire tale EVAR!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!?

The Last Vampire book series by Christopher Pike is my Care Bear with fangs.

Every now and again I return to it, so that I can snuggle it and revel in its gratuitous, delicious detailing of blood and guts that made my sick, sick 13 year old mind sing and clutch its pearls at the same time. Unlike a certain other vampire saga, there was no sparkly human/vamp love in the first book in the series, only a kickass 5000 year old female vamp named Sita, her Seth Cohenish sidekick Seymour and her admittedly annoying lapvamp human lover Ray who is the whiny Dawson archetype we are supposed to love but hate with a fiery vengeance instead. The story makes me happy inside the way that unicorns nibbling rosebushes do.

So in honour of this vampire tale, which together with Buffy was responsible for forging my lifelong obsession with these creatures, here is my first ever book recap instalment. Twihards beware; it’s like Christopher Pike anticipated Twilight madness back in 1994 when The Last Vampire was published, and decided to make an antidote that predated the whole craze. It may possibly be the greatest role reversal of male vamp, human female dynamics ever written.

So let’s sink our teeth into the tale of the most awesome female vampire anti-hero ever, shall we?

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