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Supes 101 – Love, free will, and supes

My, what big fangs you have Eric! (TM KJewls) Source

Vampire boy meets human girl. Boy likes girl. Boy shows girl how big his fangs are. Girl has fairy blood that is like crack for boy. Boy tries to glamour girl. Girl is impervious to his compulsion but not to his preternatural hotness. More supernatural hijinks ensue. Boy and girl try their hardest to live happily ever after, never mind the difficulties inherent in the boy’s ever after being eternity and his inhuman nature.

Ahh, supes and the emoteens and emoadults who love them. Not exactly the stuff fairytales are made of.

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Mixtape Part II – Spidey Damon / Spidette Elena – The Vampire Diaries

The epic mixtape saga of Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries continues! Be sure to read Mixtape Part I so you are all up to speed.

Damon eye thing

OK, I have no real reason for putting this image in here other than that I can!

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Mixtape Part I – Spidey Damon / Spidette Elena – The Vampire Diaries

Few characters have the wicked chemistry of vampire Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and human Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) from the Vampire Diaries. Their relationship is ever-evolving and passionate – we’ve seen them go from enemies to friends and back again, and if Team Delena has our way, there will eventually be sexytimes too!

Damon Elena sexytimes


I was stumped about what to post today and was pumping 90s music hoping it would give me inspiration. What can I say, I work best when I’m Getting the Feelin’, having Good Vibrations (the Marky Mark kind, of course!) and Spicing Up My Life. I am not ashamed!

As the cheesiness of this music permeated brain, I thought, OMG what I should do is create a Delena mixtape, charting the different stages of their relationship. After all, we know how much Damon loves to dance…

So here is my soundtrack for Team Delena, dedicated to Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous, Amy from She Liked Imaginary Men Best of All and her awesome TVD-lovin’ mama, and new online pal Trish, the best Delena fangirls on the planet! It is heavily coloured with cheesy 90s pop, so you have been warned, but some classy tracks are thrown in for good measure. Also, unless otherwise credited, the images and picspam are from Vampire Diaries Tumblr.

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