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New and unexpected challenges & emotional confrontations. Also, starch – Got Forwood Spoiler Whore – Tyler/Caroline Speculation – Vampire Diaries Season Three

So, I stumbled across a Matt lovers Vampire Diaries haven recently and… let’s just say that I’ve decided that I need to severely limit my starch and carbs intake.

Matt Dovovan AKA Mr Mashed Potatoes (TM Price), the greatest unintended ambassador of the Atkins diet ever.

After my brief time hanging around these slightly disturbing quarters of one of the five food groups (hey, I had to see it to believe it!), you have no idea how much I was looking forward to getting back to Forwood-y fuzzy goodness.

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Chest Monsters & Locket!Horcruxes – Mini Got Forwood Spoiler Whore Edition – Tyler/Caroline Speculation

Accio Tyler/Caroline spoilers! (thanks Charlotte for the tip, as always, bb!)

Zap2It’s Carina recently posted an article containing spoilery stills for season three of The Vampire Diaries, including some squee-inducing pictures of Vampire Barbie and Teen Wolf.

Let’s discuss!

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Tyler = Jess? Plus, some season three tips for TVD writers when it comes to Tyler/Caroline






Jess Mariano had me at “huh” and Tyler Lockwood had me at “we people”.

These tiny snarky moments, delivered with perfect comic timing by Milo Ventimiglia and Michael Trevino, first hooked me on these guys, who quickly became my soul mates for two of my favourite TV girls of all time, Rory Gilmore and Caroline Forbes.


These guys represent messiness and the unknown for our girls, control freak overachievers who deny that their true equal and match is right in front of them, because they’re too busy trying to plan out their lives perfectly, and make their love lifes with Good Boy Woobies Dean Forester and Matt Donovan fit into the perfect ideal relationshipI think they could never have with them (click here for my rant about this trope that I sourced back to the days of Dawson Forehead Leery).

Jess and Tyler are TV characters who make me fangirl like no others (aside from Logan Echolls in seasons one and to a slightly lesser extent season two of Veronica Mars, and Damon Salvatore because Ian Somerhalder there are no words!).

That might seem strange, since these characters aren’t typically appealing. They are Bad Boys but their assholery is in no way charming, in fact they are intriguing to me IN SPITE OF many of their bad traits and less than sympathetic first impressions on screen (it also doesn’t hurt that I dig dark hair more than fair/light brown hair in RL – hey, I am honest about my superficial prejudices! – I don’t mean to but I definitely have a dark hair kink. Jensen Ackles is an exception to this rule).

Them getting their just desserts for being jerks, like Jess getting attacked by a swan, amuses me to no end despite my ❤

They’re called on their flaws regularly by the writers (labelled as tools, jerks, and deservedly so), INCLUDING by the girls they love. Objectively, I completely understand how members of fandom can violently hate these boys. I also know my opinion that Matt and Dean are controlling, passive-aggressive and beneath my beloved girls (though I LOVE Jared Padalecki and it has always pained me that I hate this character of his so) is a divisive one in Vampire Diaries and Gilmore Girls fandoms. Though Dean has more sympathy from me than Matt, for sure 😉

Caring about Tyler/Jess deeply is not the same thing as me justifying their errors in judgment, or being unaware of their deep flaws. But even at their worst, something brings me back to them, and the more I think about the Caroline/Tyler and Rory/Jess ships, especially in comparison to Matt/Caroline and Rory/Dean, the more I find that they have common denominators that explain why they both just plain work for me so much.


It is interesting that Tyler and Jess are incredibly polarising characters, inciting both passionate love but also immense disdain. The funny thing is, this gamut of emotions makes perfect sense to me, and is part of their attraction for me.

I’m planning to write a massive Tyler = Jess? meta partway into Vampire Diaries season three, analysing how Tyler/Caroline are playing out as a couple as compared with Rory/Jess, since this is the make or break season for both couples after a year of incredible build up.

In the meantime, I just knew I needed to fangirl with fellow Jess/Tyler, and Tyler/Caroline and Jess/Rory lovers, particularly those gnawing their fingernails off in anticipation of Tyler crossing the line from friends into something more.

This means that spoilers ahoy below! I have hopes, fears and fannishly obsessed tips for the Vampire Diaries writers on how I hope they handle TC, which could make up for the scarring experience of s3 Gilmore Girls, something that almost turned me off shipping for good after the shredder Rory/Jess were put through.

Don’t worry if you want to stay unspoiled. Like I said, I’ll be revisiting this meta after we are through a good portion of season three Vampire Diaries, to see which of my hopes/fears come to pass.

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Tyler/Caroline Season Two Deleted Scene!

Two lines were egregiously removed from Vampire Diaries episode The Descent in season two.

One was Rose’s line, “It’s okay to love them both, you know”, which would have had an entirely different feel coming from Rose, as opposed to Katherine in the finale, what with Kat being such an unreliable narrator with a vested interest in the Salvatores remaining obsessed with her for eternity. The vested being her own belief that it is impossible for anyone to get over her. 😉

For Tyler/Caroline fans, it was his line, “Anything you need, I’m right here.”

Luckily, the season two DVD Gods have bestowed upon us a deleted scene containing this line. Click here for the original source when the delted scene leaked

Let’s dissect it, shall we?

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Forwood Unicorn Shirts!

So, blogger pals Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous and Amy from Imaginary Men basically exist on a plane of awesomeness that is their very own.

They have aided and abetted my current Tyler/Caroline obsession adoration by creating a Forwood Unicorn Shirt you can purchase at their Fangirls Forever online store.


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Dances With Werewolves AKA Mini Got Forwood Spoiler Whore Edition – Tyler/Caroline Speculation

But until then, there are plenty of hints of what to come to whet our appetite!

So, fellow spoiler whores Gen and Charlotte both tipped me off about brand new Tyler/Caroline tidbits, some potentially eyeroll-worthy, some highly potentially game-changing when it comes to my current view of certain relationship dynamics and some with the potential to rival the awesomeness that was Angel dancing in She.

Intrigued? Let us convo! Spoilery goodness after the cut.

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Elijah approves of Tyler/Caroline!

So, like the rest of Tyler/Caroline fandom, Elijah is clearly squeeing over that split second of bb were and bb vamp action in the new Vampire Diaries season three extended promo.

“I believe the term you are searching for is OMG.” INDEED.

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Warring HBIC mothers, Urges Girl & TC sex tape, ahem, I mean promo action – Got Forwood Spoiler Whore S3 Bumper Edition – Tyler/Caroline Speculation


So, CWTV just released an extended promo for The Vampire Diaries season three, and let’s just say it was a Tyler/Caroline fangirl’s equivalent of Kennedy moment…

Where were you when Kennedy was shot/when you first saw the TC sex promo? 😉

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Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler/Caroline Recap – Bad Moon Rising – The Vampire Diaries


If you’re a Tyler/Caro fanatic like me, there’s no doubt that your head is spinning like that chick from The Exorcist at all of the Forwood spoilers that have been making their way from The Vampire Diaries camp of late. Not to mention the fact that we have been seeing hints of Jeremy in Tyler/Caro scenes! Yippee!


I need 15 Sept in my life right now, but I figured the next best thing is kick-starting another batch of Got Forwood rewinds!

It’s so much fun going back and recapping earlier episodes with the benefit of hindsight. There is A LOT of foreshadowing in Bad Moon Rising – for future T/C interactions but also Ripper!Stefan and Caroline’s potential to be his new Lexi now that he is on the dark path again. A werewolf even pins Caroline to the ground and drools all over her, and even though it isn’t Tyler, it IS a Lockwood!



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Tingling Trevino is Back! – Seven Days of Trevino Day I

You know how you intend to getting around to certain things, but never seem to, and before you know it several months have passed?

Tingling Trevino posts have been lacking on Spidey for a while now, and for that I deserve to be chained up in the dirty, dank Lockwood cellar where Tyler can have his way with me.

But then I experienced this…



… and realised it was time to get back on the werewolf!

So, Tingling Trevino is back!

There is so much material to me to give my rabid fangirl spin on that it can’t be contained in one post alone. Welcome to Seven Days of Trevino so that I can get completely up to speed 😉

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