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An Open Letter Of Apology to Matt & Matt/Caroline Lovers

Things are turbulent at the moment when it comes to the Tyler/Caroline/Matt triangle and character debates.

Tyler and Caroline are fresh from testing out the theory of whether it is possible for vampirism and werewolfism to be sexually transmitted.

Shipper wars for Matt/Caroline versus Tyler/Caroline have long erupted across various battlefronts around the internet, but in the wake of this monumental moment in Vampire Diaries verse, Matt and Matt/Caroline love has shown itself in ways that I can no longer ignore.

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Panic In The Streets! Unicorn Sex! – Got Forwood – Tyler/Caroline Recap – The Birthday – Vampire Diaries


I believe the term we’re searching for is OMG.

Remember how I said in an earlier recap that on the day Tyler and Caroline have sex, my blog will be plastered with so many unicorn pictures you will think that rainbow has exploded on it?

Vampire Barbie and Teen Wolf may not be able to have baby Klauses (as far as we know), but they sure have fun trying in The Birthday.

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Liveblog/Tweet Competition Reminder – The Vampire Diaries Season Three Premiere – The Birthday





We’ve had our appetites whetted, now it is time to let us have (bloody) cake.

What good is a party if you can’t share it with friends?

Hilarious blogger pals Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous and Amy from Imaginary Men will join forces with me for the ultimate fangirling/fanboing experience… a liveblog!

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Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. SEX. Vampire Diaries Season Three extended promo!

Just call me sleeping beauty, because whenever I catch some z’s lately, I’ll wake up and suddenly TYLER/CAROLINE SEX IS ALL UP ON MY DASH.

I don’t have time to analyse everything fully this morning before work, my lovelies, but I just had to *flail*flail*flail* over the new Vampire Diaries season three promo that is well worth the excruciating wait for Tyler/Caroline fans. To put it mildly!

Thanks Charlotte, Alyssa and Paloma for bringing these momentous clips to my attention, and Gen, Cath and everyone else on Tumblr, I look forward to the many ways in which you can gif our to bbs getting hot and heavy. Imagine what we will be like when we have the full scene!

And now, I will go to work and pretend that I am a dignified, refined professional lady, and not some 13 year old jumping up and down inside screaming “Forwood unicorns are everywhere! Let me die! Is this the real life?” 😉

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Vampire Diaries Season Three – Liveblogging/Twitter Competition for Tyler/Caroline fans

Vampire Diaries is one of those shows that just makes you scream at the TV, or bounce in your seat, or some other involuntary motion – it’s impossible to sit still with all of the awesomeness that explodes across your screen.

Many of us take to Twitter, or text other fellow addicts via mobile phone, to squee and ask “have thine eyes seen what mine have?”

On special occasions, like the season three premiere, Julie from www.tvrecappersanonymous.wordpress.com, Amy from www.imaginarymen.wordpress.com and I do a little something I like to call liveblogging (well, when technology doesn’t epically fail on me).

Given that this is The Year of Forwood and Delena, and the Tyler/Caroline squeeage that has resulted from .0001 seconds of promo footage, I thought it would be fun to have a little competition for anyone who wants to get involved.

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Peter = Future!Tyler? Dear God, I Hope So!

I’m taking a break from your regularly scheduled meta and thinky thoughts about spoilers to indulge in a little shameless (spoiler free!) fangirling.

Swimfans, get prepared to be as a shallow as a kiddie pool…

Recently I did meta comparing Tyler Lockwood/Jess Mariano and the ships of Tyler/Caroline and Jess/Rory, as a kind of cautionary tale for the Vampire Diaries writers in season three.

So if Tyler = Jess, I wonder if he will follow in the smoking hot footsteps of the grown up version of Jess… Peter Petrelli from Heroes! Seriously, if Peter is any indication, we have good things to look forward to with Future!Tyler. I haven’t watched Heroes but have read some interesting livejournal entries about Heroes of late, and do believe that I have been missing some quality eye candy/storylines.

Let’s have a look at some of Peter Petrelli’s finest moments.

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Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler/Caroline Recap – Bad Moon Rising – The Vampire Diaries


If you’re a Tyler/Caro fanatic like me, there’s no doubt that your head is spinning like that chick from The Exorcist at all of the Forwood spoilers that have been making their way from The Vampire Diaries camp of late. Not to mention the fact that we have been seeing hints of Jeremy in Tyler/Caro scenes! Yippee!


I need 15 Sept in my life right now, but I figured the next best thing is kick-starting another batch of Got Forwood rewinds!

It’s so much fun going back and recapping earlier episodes with the benefit of hindsight. There is A LOT of foreshadowing in Bad Moon Rising – for future T/C interactions but also Ripper!Stefan and Caroline’s potential to be his new Lexi now that he is on the dark path again. A werewolf even pins Caroline to the ground and drools all over her, and even though it isn’t Tyler, it IS a Lockwood!



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Got Forwood – Top Ten Tyler/Caroline Moments of Season Two


So, I often joke about how Forwood is the shipping equivalent of a unicorn prancing through streets inlaid with gold trailing fairy dust in its wake.


But, as I mentioned in another post, it isn’t typical romance that gets me weak at the knees for the Tyler/Caroline pairing on The Vampire Diaries.


There are no grand gestures or grand relationship moments in the season two arc of this couple. Their first kiss was just a pared back scene on a porch; they didn’t need the backdrop of a karaoke scene, as Matt/Caroline had with their short-lived reunion in 2×16, to make them seem epic, because their complicated relationship itself is epic on its own. The fallout from well-intentioned lies and deception left them estranged mid-way through the season, yet small moments of mutual understanding and forgiveness were enough for them to restore their bond, rather than the typical path of one saving the other’s life and this being enough to cancel out any past actions.

Vampire Barbie and Teen Wolf may not have gotten Camper Van action yet, but there are plenty of moments that left me squeeing or feeling all bittersweet this season. As more of a cynic than a romantic, it wasn’t necessarily the lovey dovey scenes that meant the most to me, so you might be surprise by some of my choices. A lot of the power of T/C, and ironically a lot of the reasons why I think they have the potential to be a long-lasting couple, came through in moments of tension, anger, pain and, yes, those laden with Bad Touches.

So, I’m curious to see how your lists of their top moments compare to mine. I’ll give you the option of voting for your top moment of all, but I’d love to know whether you agree with my overall ordering, or think that I lost the plot after staring at too much Trevino torso porn while compiling this list. Maybe I left out something altogether that you can’t believe I didn’t put in the list. Go nuts!

Also, don’t miss blogger pal Julie’s Delena equivalent of this post!

Let’s start counting down, shall we? 

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Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Sun Also Rises – The Vampire Diaries


This week’s episode of the Vampire Diaries, The Sun Also Rises, will forever be known to me as The Naked Tyler Lockwood Show, and for that reason it’ll always hold a special place in my ovaries.

Be warned, smutty innuendo aplenty will feature in this recap. Dangle Naked!Tyler in front of us going “here fangirl, fangirls”, writers, and we will come a-running and a-panting with naughty thoughts.

There was an actual plot in the Tyler/Caroline/Matt parts of the episode, so let’s tackle that shall we?

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Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Last Day – Vampire Diaries



Ever since Tyler walksexed out of town, leaving a pile of dropped panties in his wake, I’ve pretty much been lower lip pouting, kicking rocks, throwing decorative soaps in fits of anger while shirtless…


Okay, so maybe not the last one, but any opportunity to work in a gratuitous Shirtless Salvatore, right?

Let’s just say that I have REALLY been missing the Tyler character. I may or may not have done one or more of the following to get through his absence:

Read copious amounts of Tyler/Caroline fanfiction by magnificent bitch stainofmylove.

Discussed with Gen from txgirl0302 and Cath from CarolineForbes-The Vampire Diaries Tumblrs where we would most like to take Trevino: against a wall, in a car, or on the back of a unicorn. I bet you guys know which one I would choose!

Jabbed at my Matt Donovan voodoo doll and sipped tequila along with Dogtown, Chas411, BerryIsHere, KatTV, bm232 and other awesome people at the Babies Who Bite thread at Television Without Pity.

Read awesome Tyler/Caro meta at 12_12_12 livejournal.

Dug out my sad 90s songs that I always do when I’m upset about something (key tracks Turn Back Time by Aqua and Say It Once by Ultra). I have no secrets, only dirty shame!

The question is, were the writers smart in having Tyler leave for so long? We saw how terrible the re-insertion of Bonnie was after her brief hiatus from the show in late season one. So, I looked forward to this episode with excitement, but also apprehension about how the Tyler/Caro reunion would be treated.

Was the wait worth it?

You bet your hot piece of Trevino!Ass it was!

I bet you’ll be surprised by my take on some parts of this episode though.

Some stuff with Forwood didn’t sit right with me, though I will withhold my judgment until I see how things unfold for them in future episodes.

I also thought that Matt Donovan was a TOTAL BOSS, and while his actions came nowhere near to cancelling out his past douchebaggery and double crossing of Caro, he was redeemed a little in my eyes.

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