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Panic In The Streets! Unicorn Sex! – Got Forwood – Tyler/Caroline Recap – The Birthday – Vampire Diaries


I believe the term we’re searching for is OMG.

Remember how I said in an earlier recap that on the day Tyler and Caroline have sex, my blog will be plastered with so many unicorn pictures you will think that rainbow has exploded on it?

Vampire Barbie and Teen Wolf may not be able to have baby Klauses (as far as we know), but they sure have fun trying in The Birthday.

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Tyler = Jess? Plus, some season three tips for TVD writers when it comes to Tyler/Caroline






Jess Mariano had me at “huh” and Tyler Lockwood had me at “we people”.

These tiny snarky moments, delivered with perfect comic timing by Milo Ventimiglia and Michael Trevino, first hooked me on these guys, who quickly became my soul mates for two of my favourite TV girls of all time, Rory Gilmore and Caroline Forbes.


These guys represent messiness and the unknown for our girls, control freak overachievers who deny that their true equal and match is right in front of them, because they’re too busy trying to plan out their lives perfectly, and make their love lifes with Good Boy Woobies Dean Forester and Matt Donovan fit into the perfect ideal relationshipI think they could never have with them (click here for my rant about this trope that I sourced back to the days of Dawson Forehead Leery).

Jess and Tyler are TV characters who make me fangirl like no others (aside from Logan Echolls in seasons one and to a slightly lesser extent season two of Veronica Mars, and Damon Salvatore because Ian Somerhalder there are no words!).

That might seem strange, since these characters aren’t typically appealing. They are Bad Boys but their assholery is in no way charming, in fact they are intriguing to me IN SPITE OF many of their bad traits and less than sympathetic first impressions on screen (it also doesn’t hurt that I dig dark hair more than fair/light brown hair in RL – hey, I am honest about my superficial prejudices! – I don’t mean to but I definitely have a dark hair kink. Jensen Ackles is an exception to this rule).

Them getting their just desserts for being jerks, like Jess getting attacked by a swan, amuses me to no end despite my ❤

They’re called on their flaws regularly by the writers (labelled as tools, jerks, and deservedly so), INCLUDING by the girls they love. Objectively, I completely understand how members of fandom can violently hate these boys. I also know my opinion that Matt and Dean are controlling, passive-aggressive and beneath my beloved girls (though I LOVE Jared Padalecki and it has always pained me that I hate this character of his so) is a divisive one in Vampire Diaries and Gilmore Girls fandoms. Though Dean has more sympathy from me than Matt, for sure 😉

Caring about Tyler/Jess deeply is not the same thing as me justifying their errors in judgment, or being unaware of their deep flaws. But even at their worst, something brings me back to them, and the more I think about the Caroline/Tyler and Rory/Jess ships, especially in comparison to Matt/Caroline and Rory/Dean, the more I find that they have common denominators that explain why they both just plain work for me so much.


It is interesting that Tyler and Jess are incredibly polarising characters, inciting both passionate love but also immense disdain. The funny thing is, this gamut of emotions makes perfect sense to me, and is part of their attraction for me.

I’m planning to write a massive Tyler = Jess? meta partway into Vampire Diaries season three, analysing how Tyler/Caroline are playing out as a couple as compared with Rory/Jess, since this is the make or break season for both couples after a year of incredible build up.

In the meantime, I just knew I needed to fangirl with fellow Jess/Tyler, and Tyler/Caroline and Jess/Rory lovers, particularly those gnawing their fingernails off in anticipation of Tyler crossing the line from friends into something more.

This means that spoilers ahoy below! I have hopes, fears and fannishly obsessed tips for the Vampire Diaries writers on how I hope they handle TC, which could make up for the scarring experience of s3 Gilmore Girls, something that almost turned me off shipping for good after the shredder Rory/Jess were put through.

Don’t worry if you want to stay unspoiled. Like I said, I’ll be revisiting this meta after we are through a good portion of season three Vampire Diaries, to see which of my hopes/fears come to pass.

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Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler/Caroline Recap – Bad Moon Rising – The Vampire Diaries


If you’re a Tyler/Caro fanatic like me, there’s no doubt that your head is spinning like that chick from The Exorcist at all of the Forwood spoilers that have been making their way from The Vampire Diaries camp of late. Not to mention the fact that we have been seeing hints of Jeremy in Tyler/Caro scenes! Yippee!


I need 15 Sept in my life right now, but I figured the next best thing is kick-starting another batch of Got Forwood rewinds!

It’s so much fun going back and recapping earlier episodes with the benefit of hindsight. There is A LOT of foreshadowing in Bad Moon Rising – for future T/C interactions but also Ripper!Stefan and Caroline’s potential to be his new Lexi now that he is on the dark path again. A werewolf even pins Caroline to the ground and drools all over her, and even though it isn’t Tyler, it IS a Lockwood!



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Season Three Vampire Diaries Wishlist


I’m making a list, and checking it twice. It’s Christmas in July time, which means you get to put pen to paper and ask for your little heart’s desire.



 I’ll ignore the fact that Santa didn’t rappel down my chimney and give me Tyler Lockwood, Damon Salvatore or Music Sex God for Christmas in 2010 as I so nicely asked. Bastard! (Let’s ignore the fact that my house doesn’t even HAVE a chimney ;))

Nope, this time I’ll just keep the faith in a little tinseltown magic, and am making a different wishlist this time… one for season three of The Vampire Diaries AKA The Year of Delena and Forwood.

Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, consider yourself the new Santa for this fangirl.

Warning: Some of these wishes show the extent of my fangirlie near-stalkerdom. Proceed with caution if you’re just a casual fan of the show.

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(Late) Tingling Trevino Tuesdays – Tyler Mixtape

Unless otherwise credited, all awesome GIFs and images come from Gen of txgirl0302 Tumblr

I love obligatory psychotic jackasses who reveal an underbelly that is both soft…

… and rock hard.


I love screen caps that capture inexplicable facial expressions!

So, in the immortal words of Pacey Witter, is it any wonder that I have fallen 100 per cent ass backwards in love with Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) of The Vampire Diaries?

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Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – Daddy Issues – The Vampire Diaries


Fun fact: when mummifying bodies, ancient Egyptians would insert a hook through the nose of the dead person and pull out their brain… in pieces. This was so that they could store it in a jar with the corpse in its tomb, along with the rest of the body’s internal organs.

Now, why am I giving you this disgusting history lesson, especially when this episode is meant to be all about daddifying?

Well, it pretty much describes how I felt tonight as a Forwood shipper, only it was my heart being removed… bit by broken bit. Suffice it to say I felt like I was down in that tomb myself with Katherine wearing a Magic Not Death ring and being used as her food source over and over, having pretty much the crappiest week EVER.



Put another way, it’s like someone eviscerated my Forwood unicorn when watching what went down between Tyler and Caroline in Daddy Issues (S02E13).

In this episode, we learn that Tyler’s intense black eyes become “more like gold with amber highlights” when he is really, really pissed in human form.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Tyler does some potentially unforgiveable things that make you wonder if the writers want him to be ultimately redeemable or set up as the next major villain.

And you get to find out just HOW MUCH I want were bitch Jules to roll over and play dead.

 The Vampire Diaries : Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Might I suggest Damon do a little werewolf open heart surgery on her?

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SPOILER WHORE Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Speculation – Daddy Issues – The Vampire Diaries

For those of us who love to “Catch VD”, we can be promiscuous in more ways than one.

During the liveblog I did with Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous and Amy from Imaginary Men, Julie happily admitted that she is a fangirl slut when it comes to wanting to mack on all the main male leads of this show, even though any casual readers of her blog will know that her heart really belongs to Damon.

Vampire Diaries boys canvas


Fangirl promiscuity can also manifest itself in other ways: spoiler whore-ism.

Each week I’ll be doing a spoiler whore edition of Got Forwood, recaps that focus on the connection between Caroline and Tyler AKA my Mother Ship for The Vampire Diaries. As a full-on Delena fan, I do not say this lightly 😉

This week I’ll be breaking down the promo for upcoming episode Daddy Issues, and trying to piece that together with what we already know, so we can speculate away together about what the hell is going to happen.

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Tingling Trevino Emergency Post – Vampire Diaries – Daddy Issues – SPOILER Speculation


 Padlock your panties and THROW AWAY THE KEY, ladies! More Leather Tyler to follow!

I’ve been sitting on some new Tyler Lockwood-centric promo photos, which I stumbled onto here, for a couple of days.

They’re from Vampire Diaries episode Daddy Issues (S02E13).

I tried holding out until next Tuesday for the normal Tingling Trevino coverage time, but patience is a virtue, and clearly I am not virtuous.

Give me Tyler in BAMF black leather, and that is like giving crystal meth to a drug addict.

When my niece showed me her favourite picture book of the moment (a childhood favourite of my own) last night…

 Hairy McClary from Donaldson's Dairy

Hairy Maclary rocked the motherf**king house when I was a kid, and still does

… I knew it was the universe’s way of saying, “Screw waiting, dammit! Share your Werewolf Sex God theories with the world!”

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Supes 101 – Lycanthropes, misanthropes and Wolfy McWolves

Lycanthropy, or being a werewolf, is a condition that doesn’t seem to get the same attention as vampirism.

Never really been able to understand why that is the case, myself. I mean, here are some fairly convincing reasons for close, close examination:


Oops, sorry, was that GIF too fast for the human naked eye to follow? OK, let’s break it down into its itty, bitty parts…



For the fangirls who take the time to make pic series like these, let me take this opportunity to tell you that I LOVE YOU like I love kittens and sunshine. Which is to say, a lot!



 Tyler: What should I wear? I don’t think it’s like the Hulk where I get to keep my pants. 


But seriously though, werewolf mythologies fascinate me just as much as vampire ones. So many questions spring to mind when I think about them.

What happens to a person’s humanity or “soul”, for want of a better term, when they wolf out? Is it still present but just suppressed by the wolf’s animalistic urges? Or does it leave the building altogether when Wolfy McWolf takes over? Are werewolves more demonic or animalistic? In what ways is a werewolf different to, or more demonic than, an ordinary wolf? What does the transformation from human to werewolf involve? Is this transformation limited to the full moon, or can this be done at will? And just like it can be argued that real vampires don’t sparkle, should real werewolves be able to transform any time it strikes their fancy anyway? What is the difference between werewolves and shapeshifters?

Suddenly not just looking like overgrown bunny eaters, are they?

So let’s address some of these questions as they relate to the werewolf mythologies in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, Sookieverse (True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels), the Underworld series and The Vampire Diaries, shall we?

 The Vampire Diaries  Season 1 Rewind, Part 3: Full-Speed Undead!


See, even Tyler wants to know what it all means when it comes to werewolves!

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Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Tyler Lockwood’s Best Looks Edition

Foggy Tyler

Tyler Lockwood from the Vampire Diaries has gone from zero to douchebag to newly minted fangirl favourite in the space of a season.

Still dubious about Tyler? Maybe this post will help convince you to join the pretty party!

You know, I think I was a little hard on Professor Snape when I thought he was cruel for setting that tough werewolf assignment. Examining the physical characteristics of a werewolf, particularly a baby one, is actually quite fun, as you’ll see.

This post is dedicated to lovely Tyler fangirls ofepicproportions and Milena Fürst. GIFs and picspam are from F**k Yeah Tyler & Caroline unless otherwise credited.

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