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My Top Twenty Most Loved/Hated Characters & Favourite Pieces of Eye Candy of All Time. What are yours?

There’s an internet meme going around at the moment where you’re asked to select your top twenty favourite characters of all time, and then ask people to spot patterns in your choice.

I’ve decided to take this a little further and post my top twenty beloved characters, my top twenty most loathed characters and top twenty favourite pieces of eye candy of all time that have graced/disgraced my TV screen. I’ve also briefly listed some common denominators that I can see between the characters, though would am highly curious if you can see I am missing any patterns in my love/hate! I mean, aren’t we always partially blind when it comes to the people we are attracted to?

Also, be sure to let me know what your top twenty lists, and I promise to give insights into what this reveals about your particular kinks, fetishes and dislikes 😉

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Curtis learns to stop living in the past – Misfits Recap – Season One Episode Four


Heh. I know this picture has nothing to do with this recap, but I had to include it in this recap when I found it. Gen will understand why 😉

So, in my last Misfits recap I ranted about the possible, rage-inducing message that Alisha’s power might be viewed as a punishment for her embracement of sexuality, a way to “teach her a lesson” and promote character growth in a way that didn’t really appear to be happening with the other misfits.

Most of the misfits were allowed to just “be”. I think Howard Overman was making more of a statement about how Alisha partially bought into but was also entrapped by social expectations about how a pretty girl should act, rather than playing into rape culture where a girl is “asking for it” if she is overtly sexy. It’s still a fine line, balancing act, you know?

This latest episode, which is Curtis centric, has made me think that Howard is actually using their powers as a weird form of catharsis, a way to break them out of the toxic ruts they’re in.

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“It’s just pure, mindless vandalism!” – Misfits Recap – Season One Episode Three


If I had to choose an overarching theme for this episode it would the different kinds of power people can have over each other. There’s the power of sexuality, the power of knowing someone’s deepest, darkest secret, the power of a secret identity, and also the power of friendship that comes from the unlikeliest of places.


Misfits is one of the deepest shallow shows I know. By that I mean that it clearly tries to grab attention by going for superficial shock value – tonnes of gritty sex, no-holds-barred swearing (including c**t, the only swear word I think still has real power for me) and deeply politically incorrect (though highly witty) dialogue. Yet, this show is ripe for meta and character analysis that is on a level approaching that of Buffy and Veronica Mars (although, of course, the mythologies and world building for these shows extend over 20plus-episode seasons, whereas each Misfits season only has six episodes, so the pace on this show is as breakneck as The Vampire Diaries).

We start the episode with a montage of Alisha having fun with her superpower, namely the ability to reduce people into quivering, lustful messes for her with a single touch.

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“Five and a half inches of pure pleasure” – Misfits Recap – Season One Episode Two

So, my fellow misfits, are you ready to have another episode unleashed upon your fragile psyches? Because this episode contains a twist that will scar you for life, possibly leading you to do an Oliver from The OC and need intense therapy.

It’ll make you wonder how well we really know the people we sleep with.

But you’ll love it, because it is a Nathan-centric episode. Yippee!

I’ll drink to that!

Before we kick off the recap, I should ask the obvious question: what superpower would you most like to be saddled with if you were suddenly struck by a freak lightning storm while doing community service?

Curtis’ ability to re-wind time doesn’t really appeal to me, because I’d be too wary about going back and accidentally screwing things up and spinning the world off its axis or something. Kelly’s telepathy could heighten your empathy for others and enlighten you about your more taciturn friends and family, but there are just some thoughts you don’t want to know other people are having about you. Simon’s invisibility power could be fun, if I was in close proximity to the CW boys’ locker room, but I think it might be too heady an experience to visually not exist. Alisha’s power is the worst of the lot though – I mean, who wants the power to make people want to rape them?

The ability to body teleport onto the sets of the Vampire Diaries when either Ian or Paul or Michael is shooting a shirtless scene is much more up my alley.

Or maybe something out of leftfield would be more awesome. Like a wine connoisseur superpower where I could show how cultured I am without years of getting red wine headaches (they are a bitch, amiright?).

On a more diabolical day, I love the idea of an Inceptionesque power, where you can implant ideas into other people’s minds. What can I say? I work in PR, which is all about emotional manipulation, so it would make my life easier.

What about you? What superpower would you choose?

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Anti-superheroes in orange jumpsuits – Misfits Recap – Season One Episode One

Being part of a fandom is kind of like being in a relationship.

Twilight and I had a codependent thing going there for a while, where you know the relationship is unhealthy and as bad for you as a Twinkie but like a masochist you just want MOAR.

Me and Buffy, Veronica Mars, and Dawson’s Creek go way back. We’re old friends, very close. Then there was that period of estrangement when I discovered other dramas like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, where we grew apart and changed as people. But lately I find myself watching old school stuff, just like old times. I’m quite moved.

Misfits? This is my newest, shiniest relationship, but one where I’m likely to have unprotected sex and catch an STD.

What do I mean? Well, let me kick off my first ever Misfits recap, going back right to the start of the series, and show you the crazy, sexy, gritty funny show that this British dramedy is!

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