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Skip Miller’s Hit Songs – Brink Productions

A picture tells a thousand words, but what about the stories that surround a photo?

Of the subject, the photographer, the land it was taken in?

At the start of Brink Productions’ Skip Miller’s Hit Songs, we are shown faces of strangers.

Images of African people are projected onto a blank wall, small and slightly out of focus, and then gradually growing larger and sharpening into high relief. Actors capture these images on white cards and bring these photos forward from the wall.

Each photo represents a different story to be told. Just like it would be impossible to learn the story of every person living in Africa, many of these people remain a mystery.

But through Sean Riley’s beautiful script some of these strangers become familiar to us; people who we could easily befriend, or see some of ourselves in, or in the very least come into sharper focus.

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