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Original Sins, Originals Sinning & Deadly Sins – My Take On The Vampire Diaries Season Three Extended Promo


Promo screen grabs all from www.vampirediaries.net

Just when we were arming ourselves with pitchforks to storm the CW offices and demand an extended Vampire Diaries Season Three extended promo, STAT, they delivered in style.

Let’s indulge in the debauchery, campiness and decadence! This post is only spoilery if you consider promos to be spoilery.

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Got Forwood Rewind – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Return – The Vampire Diaries


If you’re like me, you’re suffering severe Forwood crackship withdrawal right about now.

Yep, this OTP is my favourite type of pop culture LSD, aside from MSG.

This = MSG (Music Sex God) Thanks Amy!

Have the cold sweats set in yet? Or perhaps you have offered Julie and Kev the first born of your first born in return for Tyler coming back to Mystic Falls, stat?

I think it is high time we had a little Tyler/Caroline rehab, in the form of Got Forwood Rewind.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to give Tyler/Caroline-centric recaps of ALL the early season two episodes that I didn’t cover, so that we can all squee over them together.

It has a very Land Before Time feel…

I mean, we are going to go back to the time when Forwood unicorns didn’t even exist!


All right, let’s get into it!

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Mixtape – Spidey Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries – Part II

Damon dancing go two

Do you remember the moment that you became a crazed Vampire Diaries fan? I’d love to know what it was in the comments!

Mine? The vampire gone wild scene of Damon and Vicki dancing around La Casa de Rich and Awesome (TM KJewls) to the song Enjoy The Silence, after taking hits of one another’s blood. It was sexy and hilarious and just looked like so much damn fun!



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Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – Crying Wolf – Vampire Diaries

Last episode was a dark time for Forwood shippers.


And I’m not talking the good kind of dark, like Music Sex God in his Black Outfit of Lust.


(Seriously, I wish that this man could be cast as Klaus, because there is no way you could confuse him for an ordinary mortal)

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Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Descent – Vampire Diaries S2E12


Got Forwood is a self-help resource for those addicted to the Tyler/Caroline pairing on the Vampire Diaries.

You’ll get in-depth coverage and analysis of Tyler and Caroline scenes in each episode, whether they are together or apart. I’ll also be working in completely unrelated Salvatoreo Moments of the Week for Stefan and Damon at the end, just because I can!

Oh yeah, and there will be a Spoiler Whore Got Forwood edition released each week, because I know that I’m not the only one who can’t wait until Thursdays to get their TVD fix.

The Got Forwood name was inspired by this gem:

Thank you, slightly crass Vampire Diaries marketing team, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Now, with that outta the way, let’s get into it!

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My Predictions for the Remainder of Vampire Diaries Season 2

The Vampire Diaries is back!



So I’m going to make some predictions for the remainder of season two, and see how many actually turn out to be even a tiny bit correct. I’d love to hear what you think will happen too, so we can later commisserate or glow with smug self-satisfaction depending on whether we are right or wrong!

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Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload Sundays – Welcome To The Museum Of EuroHotPaulWesley Art Edition

Welcome to my Museum of EuroHotPaulWesley Art!










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Tingling Trevino Emergency Post – Vampire Diaries – Daddy Issues – SPOILER Speculation


 Padlock your panties and THROW AWAY THE KEY, ladies! More Leather Tyler to follow!

I’ve been sitting on some new Tyler Lockwood-centric promo photos, which I stumbled onto here, for a couple of days.

They’re from Vampire Diaries episode Daddy Issues (S02E13).

I tried holding out until next Tuesday for the normal Tingling Trevino coverage time, but patience is a virtue, and clearly I am not virtuous.

Give me Tyler in BAMF black leather, and that is like giving crystal meth to a drug addict.

When my niece showed me her favourite picture book of the moment (a childhood favourite of my own) last night…

 Hairy McClary from Donaldson's Dairy

Hairy Maclary rocked the motherf**king house when I was a kid, and still does

… I knew it was the universe’s way of saying, “Screw waiting, dammit! Share your Werewolf Sex God theories with the world!”

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Mixtape Mondays – Spidey Stefan & Spidette Katherine – The Vampire Diaries


On The Vampire Diaries, we’ve heard that Damon Salvatore is the vampire brother who loved his maker Katherine Pierce too much, Stefan Salvatore is the brother who never loved her enough, and Katherine is the evil slut vampire who only loves herself.

Is it really as simple as that?

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Supes 101 – Love, free will, and supes

My, what big fangs you have Eric! (TM KJewls) Source

Vampire boy meets human girl. Boy likes girl. Boy shows girl how big his fangs are. Girl has fairy blood that is like crack for boy. Boy tries to glamour girl. Girl is impervious to his compulsion but not to his preternatural hotness. More supernatural hijinks ensue. Boy and girl try their hardest to live happily ever after, never mind the difficulties inherent in the boy’s ever after being eternity and his inhuman nature.

Ahh, supes and the emoteens and emoadults who love them. Not exactly the stuff fairytales are made of.

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