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The Great Forwood vs Caratt Debate – The Vampire Diaries – Part I


OK, a while back awesome regular Spidey reader Andre revealed a hidden dark side… he isn’t a Forwood unicorn lover!


He made very valid, rational arguments about why he isn’t a fan of the potential Tyler/Caroline pairing on The Vampire Diaries, and prefers the Matt/Caroline relationship.

I’ll admit, The House Guest, the last episode of  The Vampire Diaries before the recent hiatus, left me one hell of a bitter Tyler/Caroline shipper, and it was there for all to see in my Got Forwood recap. (I stand by every word that I wrote though).

I make jokes about Tyler/Caroline bringing rainbows and sparkles into my life. But don’t let the Forwood unicorn stuff fool you into thinking that I view this pair with rose coloured glasses. If anything, I have responded more strongly to the gritty nature of their pairing than the Matt/Caroline set up, which has followed the more traditional storybook first love break up/make up lather-rinse-repeat conventions.

So, why exactly aren’t Matt/Caroline deserving of being called a unicorn in Spidey world?

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