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“The one where the group finds out about the zombie hickey”: Recap – AMC’s The Walking Dead – S01E05 – Wildfire



This is how I feel at the end of each Walking Dead episode, in case you were wondering.

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“I see undead people – and, um, old people”: Recap – AMC’s The Walking Dead – S01E04 – Vatos

 Previously on The Walking Dead:

Previously on Walking Dead cartoon


Thank you, Graham Annable, for this awesome cartoon!

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“I have frog fear”: Recap – AMC’s The Walking Dead – S01E03 – Tell It To The Frogs

Sweet zombie guy

Sorry this one's late kids! But can you resist this face?

Previously on The Walking Dead: Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes headed into Atlanta and what turned out to be the zombie capital of America. He was saved from being zombified by Spidey Sense’s newly anointed Walking Dead TV Boyfriend Glenn, who had been on a scavenger hunt for food and other supplies with a group of survivors. One survivor, Merle, was an equal opportunity bigot who discovered karma is a bitch when, through a series of circumstances, found himself handcuffed to a pipe on the rooftop of a building surrounded by a Zombie Block Party. The others escaped and drove off into the metaphorical sunset towards Camp Survivor, Glenn in a kickass sports car Spidey would go on a joyride with him in any day. The latest episode is filled with frogs and princes, but falls short of delivering a rain of toads.

Let’s check it out, shall we?

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Just sayin’ – Why Romero zombies are scarier than souped-up zombies

In a world where instant gratification reigns, there has been the rise of souped-up zombies – zombies that bring immediate panic because they are capable of moving their undead legs at a full sprint, and are seemingly filled with more adrenalin than the killing machines in the Terminator movie series. One prime example is the zombies in the update of Dawn of the Dead in 2004, which ironically is a modern update of a classic by slow-moving zombies Godfather Romero.

Dawn of the Dead 2004

At first glance, these zombies would appear to be the better, superior, scarier option to Romero’s famous slow-moving zombies. While I love zombies whether they are slow and fast, there are several reasons why Romero’s zombies are infinitely more creepy than their souped-up cousins.

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“Guts, innards and heart”: Recap – AMC’s The Walking Dead – S01E02 – Guts

Previously on The Walking Dead: Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes woke up from a coma to find himself a survivor of a zombieocalypse. He headed into the supposed safe haven Atlanta on his trusty horse, affectionatly dubbed Columbus by Spidey Sense, in search of his wife Lori and son Carl.

He was greeted by a Zombie Block Party and forced to seek refuge in a random tank on the street (presumably from the military trying to quell the zombie threat) when Columbus became a zombie all-you-can-eat buffet. By all accounts, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes seemed doomed, trapped in a tank that zombies were converging on from all sides. But then, a kick ass voice on the walkie talkie the DS was carrying sounded off …

Now, let’s get onto this episode, shall we?

Sweet Zombie Guy

Yes, let's!

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Team Braaaains! Five reasons to date a zombie rather than a vampire…

A white picket fence future with a zombie? It IS possible!

Want a white picket fence life? Hook up with a zombie!

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“Welcome to Zombieland”: Recap – AMC’s The Walking Dead – S01E01 – Days Gone By

You know how excited I was to discover there is a zombie TV series to recap?

As my blogger friend KJewls from TV Recappers Anonymous would say, so excited it made me want to dance.


Incidentally, her Vampire Diaries recaps make me want to dance too!

Now, I’ve long been on Team Bloodsucker, but I’m also on Team Braiiiins too! What makes me love zombies so much? On the one hand, they are dirty, rotting mindless beasts with a one-track mind for human brains and flesh. On the other hand, zombie apocalypse tales, when done well, have really cool mythologies. First, you find out what caused the zombification of the population in the first place. Then you discover the characteristics of the zombies themselves (Fast movers or Romero slow?), how many zombies there are (Is the outbreak limited to a small locale or are we dealing with an apocalypse of globally epic proportions?), and what happens if characters get bitten (Instant or slow-burn turn?).

How dangerous is a zombie


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