Buffy Rewatch – Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required: This is not one of the reasons season 2 is my favorite. But, it has awesome Giles/Jenny development and Cordelia funtimes.

So in this episode, Giles and Miss Calendar go on a date. Or should I say Jenny? I don’t think she even mentioned her first name before, because that’s the first I’ve heard of it. It’s cute anyway, it suits her. Oh, and some stuff happened with a guy who resurrected his dead brother and went around trying to make a creepy Frankenstein’s monster girlfriend for him by cutting up dead girls. But, y’know, that’s kind of unimportant, I didn’t really pay attention to that.

Brief thoughts:

I like Giles giving the little backstory blurb much better than Random Narrator Guy.

Oh noes Buffy lost her stake! She must improvise one out of a shovel handle!

This episode gives us some good character development and tons of hilarious dialogue.

The Buffy/Angel fight brings up some issues and communication problems with this pairing. Aww Angel is jellus of Xander. HE TOTALLY IS.

Giles being excited by grave robbing!
“… yes, yes. Terrible thing. Must put a stop to it. Damn it.”

Giles and Jenny being completely adorable. IT BRINGS ME JOY. LOL Giles practicing his pick-up lines. GILES/JENNY YES PLZ

“Hey, I got a thing, you maybe have a thing, maybe we could have a thing!” Best pick-up line. Thanks Buffy.

I love the little moment where we see Cordelia watching Buffy and Willow walk away together for the “bat signal”, and she hesitates about going after them and then doesn’t… but then shows up just a few minutes later with a weak excuse of help on the science fair (not at all interested in leaving once Willow supplies the answer). Cordelia totally wants to be part of the gang now. In her secret soul! hee. By the way, “The tomato: fruit or vegetable?” Best science project.

And then her hilariously blatant attempts to get attention with the Chris mourning. Ha!
“Hello, can we deal with my pain please?”
Giles: “There, there.”

It’s delightful to watch Mr Mysterious, Illusive Vampire being positioned and dragged around in Cordelia’s wake.
Cordelia: “I don’t want to go alone. I’m still fragile. You’ll take me?”
Angel: …
Cordelia: “Good, I’ll drive.”
Angel: *what just happened?*

“No one’s gonna be led by our cheers.” Hee. I just want to watch Bring It On now.

This whole scene with the mom and the television is really depressing. I like that the show doesn’t shy away from stuff like that, though. Amy’s mom reliving her cheerleading days, and now Daryl’s mom reliving his football days.

Love Buffy’s cute little updos. HOW DO I DO THAT WITH MY HAIR PLZ.

Aww, Willow looking sadly at Xander as he talks about people wanting the unattainable.

“Do I deconstruct your segues?” For some reason that line cracked me up.

“Ms. Calendar’s my father.” LOLOL Jenny is hilarious.

Giles failing to ask Jenny out and then her asking HIM out is just hilarious. I get the feeling that she knows exactly what he was trying to say, too.

So apparently the dude playing Eric–the annoying, murder-happy one–co-wrote the screenplay for Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. ***the more you know***

“You noticed that, huh.” Jenny is TOTALLY into him! I love it.

“He gets to see you in the sunlight.” Awwwww ANGEL ANGST. Also, how do they always manage to tie the broader emotional theme back around to the monster of the week? They ALWAYS do that!

I was actually pretty impressed with Cordelia for hiding in a dumpster. I mean, her OUTFIT could get DIRTY. Character development! I also love at the end when she tries to sincerely thank Xander and he’s just like “go away.” The look on her face is pretty priceless. XANDER YOU ARE SUCH A NOOB.

Longer thoughts:

But seriously. I really enjoyed this episode, it seemed like a pretty good quality foray back into the ‘monster of the week’ style. The plot was interesting, and it had a nice reveal halfway through that the dead brother was alive. More than that, it was interesting to see (however briefly) the effect of a person’s death on their family acknowledged in the show. Fair enough, it was just a guy who died in an accident, but I feel like sometimes Buffy takes death a little too lightly, killing off dozens of kids per episode and never having it recognized by anyone. In this, we get to see how one guy’s death affects both his brother and his mother, which means there are actually some more poignant scenes than you would think in this kind of episode (his mom just sitting there all day watching his old games is really quite sad). It annoyed me a little that Cordelia was yet again used as monster bait – since she’s in the know now, I’d rather she was a little more proactive instead of being cast as the damsel in distress all the time.

Really this episode was about relationships though, wasn’t it? It’s not just dead guy, no-one wants to be alone. Buffy and Angel are trying to make each other jealous, and his admission at the end that he was jealous of Xander simply for being a part of her life was quite sweet. Xander’s little speech about how people always just want what’s ‘unattainable’ was really interesting too – it shows rather more self awareness than I’m used to with him, and I think it might even be the first step on his path to realising that Buffy isn’t really the girl for him. It also sheds some interesting light on the whole Buffy/Angel thing, but we’ll go into that another time.

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One response to “Buffy Rewatch – Some Assembly Required

  • Andre

    In my head the timeline for Buffy is a little scrambled, but I remember this episode. The whole thing with the brothers and their mother really was sad even back then.
    Also I think this show’s why even after all this time I would prefer Buffy over pretty much all current supernatural shows I know, since in their case I read pokemon manga who have smarter characters than these.
    I don’t really have much more to say about this episode. I will save that for later episodes especially when Spike and Drusilla come along.

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