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My Top Twenty Most Loved/Hated Characters & Favourite Pieces of Eye Candy of All Time. What are yours?

There’s an internet meme going around at the moment where you’re asked to select your top twenty favourite characters of all time, and then ask people to spot patterns in your choice.

I’ve decided to take this a little further and post my top twenty beloved characters, my top twenty most loathed characters and top twenty favourite pieces of eye candy of all time that have graced/disgraced my TV screen. I’ve also briefly listed some common denominators that I can see between the characters, though would am highly curious if you can see I am missing any patterns in my love/hate! I mean, aren’t we always partially blind when it comes to the people we are attracted to?

Also, be sure to let me know what your top twenty lists, and I promise to give insights into what this reveals about your particular kinks, fetishes and dislikes 😉

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Revenge of the Good Boy Woobies: Matt Donovan, Dean Forester and Dawson Leery

It is coming! The Good Boy Woobie is coming! Save yourselves!


So, a single-celled organism crawled out of the primordial ooze, and that pretty much led to a little something I like to call Good Boy Woobies or GBWs for short.

What are these GBWs you speak of, you ask? This character trope doesn’t even exist!

Well, actually, my friends, GBWs have been living among us for some time now, quietly infecting our TV screens ever since the dark day that Dawson Leery’s forehead entered the teen drama landscape.

Crying!Dawson, you call to me with a siren song all these years later!

Dawson has been joined in the GBW ranks by Dean Forester from Gilmore Girls and Matt Donovan from Vampire Diaries, characters who you are often bashed over the head by writers with the message, “Like them, like them, like them! They are so kewl! Feel sorry for them and their manpain and mangst”, but may have left you with the nagging suspicion that, actually you kinda loathe them with a fiery passion or are occasionally overwhelmed by the sheer extent of their douchiness.
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Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Last Day – Vampire Diaries



Ever since Tyler walksexed out of town, leaving a pile of dropped panties in his wake, I’ve pretty much been lower lip pouting, kicking rocks, throwing decorative soaps in fits of anger while shirtless…


Okay, so maybe not the last one, but any opportunity to work in a gratuitous Shirtless Salvatore, right?

Let’s just say that I have REALLY been missing the Tyler character. I may or may not have done one or more of the following to get through his absence:

Read copious amounts of Tyler/Caroline fanfiction by magnificent bitch stainofmylove.

Discussed with Gen from txgirl0302 and Cath from CarolineForbes-The Vampire Diaries Tumblrs where we would most like to take Trevino: against a wall, in a car, or on the back of a unicorn. I bet you guys know which one I would choose!

Jabbed at my Matt Donovan voodoo doll and sipped tequila along with Dogtown, Chas411, BerryIsHere, KatTV, bm232 and other awesome people at the Babies Who Bite thread at Television Without Pity.

Read awesome Tyler/Caro meta at 12_12_12 livejournal.

Dug out my sad 90s songs that I always do when I’m upset about something (key tracks Turn Back Time by Aqua and Say It Once by Ultra). I have no secrets, only dirty shame!

The question is, were the writers smart in having Tyler leave for so long? We saw how terrible the re-insertion of Bonnie was after her brief hiatus from the show in late season one. So, I looked forward to this episode with excitement, but also apprehension about how the Tyler/Caro reunion would be treated.

Was the wait worth it?

You bet your hot piece of Trevino!Ass it was!

I bet you’ll be surprised by my take on some parts of this episode though.

Some stuff with Forwood didn’t sit right with me, though I will withhold my judgment until I see how things unfold for them in future episodes.

I also thought that Matt Donovan was a TOTAL BOSS, and while his actions came nowhere near to cancelling out his past douchebaggery and double crossing of Caro, he was redeemed a little in my eyes.

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Supes 101 – Lycanthropes, misanthropes and Wolfy McWolves

Lycanthropy, or being a werewolf, is a condition that doesn’t seem to get the same attention as vampirism.

Never really been able to understand why that is the case, myself. I mean, here are some fairly convincing reasons for close, close examination:


Oops, sorry, was that GIF too fast for the human naked eye to follow? OK, let’s break it down into its itty, bitty parts…



For the fangirls who take the time to make pic series like these, let me take this opportunity to tell you that I LOVE YOU like I love kittens and sunshine. Which is to say, a lot!



 Tyler: What should I wear? I don’t think it’s like the Hulk where I get to keep my pants. 


But seriously though, werewolf mythologies fascinate me just as much as vampire ones. So many questions spring to mind when I think about them.

What happens to a person’s humanity or “soul”, for want of a better term, when they wolf out? Is it still present but just suppressed by the wolf’s animalistic urges? Or does it leave the building altogether when Wolfy McWolf takes over? Are werewolves more demonic or animalistic? In what ways is a werewolf different to, or more demonic than, an ordinary wolf? What does the transformation from human to werewolf involve? Is this transformation limited to the full moon, or can this be done at will? And just like it can be argued that real vampires don’t sparkle, should real werewolves be able to transform any time it strikes their fancy anyway? What is the difference between werewolves and shapeshifters?

Suddenly not just looking like overgrown bunny eaters, are they?

So let’s address some of these questions as they relate to the werewolf mythologies in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, Sookieverse (True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels), the Underworld series and The Vampire Diaries, shall we?

 The Vampire Diaries  Season 1 Rewind, Part 3: Full-Speed Undead!


See, even Tyler wants to know what it all means when it comes to werewolves!

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Mixtape Mondays – Anti Love – Spidey Bill & Spidette Sookie – True Blood – Part II

This guy recommends you get a taste of Part I if you haven’t already first…

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Mixtape Mondays – Anti Love – Spidey Bill & Spidette Sookie – True Blood – Part I


Oh, you thought I wouldn’t use this GIF again? Clearly you don’t know me very well 😉

Confession time.

Unlike Lorena, who is tragically Bill-sexual, I am firmly rooting for a certain blonde Viking vampire to be the final suitor when the smoke clears in both Sookieverse worlds – the TV series True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels on which the show is based.


whytheyrehot:  Why He’s Hot: He’s a Vampire. That’s right, a fucking Vampire. But he’s not some sparkly virgin, oh no! This dude knows how to get down because he’s been getting down with girls(and even some dudes) left and right for over 1000 years. Yeah, you heard me right. He’s had 1000 years to perfect his technique and believe me he’s put that time to good use. Two words — gracious plenty. If you’ve read the Charlaine Harris books you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t, well, I’ll go ahead and tell you: He’s got a big ‘ole cock. It’s been confirmed. It’s HUGE. (Warning, that link contains fucking hot book spoilers.) He knows how to dress. In fact, he can wear outfits that look completely ridiculous on anyone else and you accept it and love it and can’t wait to rip it the fuck off and beg for him to do you right then and there. His smile and those fangs. Maybe you’re not into getting bit during sex but give this guy five minutes and you’ll be offering your neck to him regardless of whether or not you have a boyfriend. He’s just that good. His arms. His neck. His clavicles. His back. Every piece of this dude is hot and pictures of any part can be instantly be qualified as porn. That should tell you something right there. {Our first fictional character submission}


Ordinarily, I am a reasonable blogger, and willing to analyse ships fairly that may not necessarily be my own, because I can still objectively see why they have developed.

There are really only two ships that draw out the irrational fangirl in me. One is Dawson Leery and Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek. The other is Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse.

So I have decided to bestow the dubious honour on Beel and Sookeh of being the subject of the very first Anti Love Mixtape ever created here at Spidey.

The book and television versions of the relationship are quite different and deserve to be considered on their own terms, so I will be tracking the True Blood portrayal of the pair.

Viking love will be rampant in this post and gratuitous Eric Northman shots will appear for the most tenuous of reasons. You’ve been warned, Bill’s Babes. (Before you dive in, you might also want to get a Viking shot in the arm from blogger pal Julie’s awesome slightly smutty Skarsgard (her words, not mine ;)) post or by heading over to Sookieverse Blog for a look at worship of the Gracious Plenty on an unparalleled level).

Alright, let’s get into it!

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