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Ever since Tyler walksexed out of town, leaving a pile of dropped panties in his wake, I’ve pretty much been lower lip pouting, kicking rocks, throwing decorative soaps in fits of anger while shirtless…


Okay, so maybe not the last one, but any opportunity to work in a gratuitous Shirtless Salvatore, right?

Let’s just say that I have REALLY been missing the Tyler character. I may or may not have done one or more of the following to get through his absence:

Read copious amounts of Tyler/Caroline fanfiction by magnificent bitch stainofmylove.

Discussed with Gen from txgirl0302 and Cath from CarolineForbes-The Vampire Diaries Tumblrs where we would most like to take Trevino: against a wall, in a car, or on the back of a unicorn. I bet you guys know which one I would choose!

Jabbed at my Matt Donovan voodoo doll and sipped tequila along with Dogtown, Chas411, BerryIsHere, KatTV, bm232 and other awesome people at the Babies Who Bite thread at Television Without Pity.

Read awesome Tyler/Caro meta at 12_12_12 livejournal.

Dug out my sad 90s songs that I always do when I’m upset about something (key tracks Turn Back Time by Aqua and Say It Once by Ultra). I have no secrets, only dirty shame!

The question is, were the writers smart in having Tyler leave for so long? We saw how terrible the re-insertion of Bonnie was after her brief hiatus from the show in late season one. So, I looked forward to this episode with excitement, but also apprehension about how the Tyler/Caro reunion would be treated.

Was the wait worth it?

You bet your hot piece of Trevino!Ass it was!

I bet you’ll be surprised by my take on some parts of this episode though.

Some stuff with Forwood didn’t sit right with me, though I will withhold my judgment until I see how things unfold for them in future episodes.

I also thought that Matt Donovan was a TOTAL BOSS, and while his actions came nowhere near to cancelling out his past douchebaggery and double crossing of Caro, he was redeemed a little in my eyes.

Yep, writing that sentence made my brain seize up. Kinda like when you get brain freeze from eating Chunky Monkey too fast (oh, Alaric, I’ve SO been there, just not in my underwear in front of my girlfriend’s underage niece).

Or like when witches come out of nowhere to give you a migraine.


(Incidentally, I was talking to a TOTAL ASS the other day, and it would have been nice to just extend a hand, squinch up my face a little, and incapacitate him like this. Instead I just had to think thoughts at them and be satisfied with that)

But don’t worry, the only blondes on TV I want to get together are THESE GUYS (winks at KJewls).


Let’s backtrack a little. When Tyler left, he was one lovesick puppy.


He and Caroline are characters with well-established trust and abandonment issues. Caroline feels overlooked by her mother and her father, who lives outside of Mystic Falls and never visits. Way back in season one she told Matt, “Do you ever feel like there isn’t a single person in the world who loves you?” Tyler found it difficult to trust Caroline at every stage of their newly close friendship this season, only to have his faith shattered by the revelation that Caro was complicit in Team Vampire’s murder of his uncle Mason. This triggered a chain reaction of events that ended in him hesitating at a crucial moment to have Caroline’s back the way she had his during his transformation.

As a teen and inexperienced when it comes to love because he’s shied away from real feelings in the past (blood flow has usually been stronger in other parts of his body when it comes to women in the past), Tyler probably thought that by running away from not only Mystic Falls but Caroline that he would be able to forget about her and focus only on coming to terms with being a werewolf. I mean, on one level he left for Caroline’s sake; he thought that he would be making life easier for her. That was obvious from his final scene in Crying Wolf, when he stands in the shadows of her porch to catch one last glimpse of her because he NEEDS to see her one last time, but doesn’t let her know he is there because he doesn’t want her to feel any guilt or sense of obligation to ask him to stay or to forgive him.

On another level, he left because he couldn’t stand being in a place where the woman he had kind of fallen for hated him. If someone is a major reason for you making a life altering decision like to run away, you just know you won’t be forgetting them anytime soon; in fact, I was fully expecting his feelings to have intensified.

In The Descent, when everything was all happy and sparkly, Tyler and Caroline were on the brink of becoming more than just friends.


Now, before they can reach this tipping point again, they have to resolve the consequences of the emotional and physical distance suddenly keeping them apart, with a nice layer of sexual tension from their Ambush Kiss (TM KJewls) thrown in for good measure. The fallout of The Kiss has never really been dealt with fully, in light of everything else that happened. Caroline told Tyler “we can’t go there”, which carries very different implications than her saying she doesn’t WANT to go there.

Suffice to say, I was expecting delicious awkwardness when they reunited in The Last Day, and the episode did not disappoint.

In The Last Day, Tyler, who got to unburden his soul with Matt by telling him how he felt about Caroline right before he left Mystic Falls, and therefore didn’t have to deal with the aftermath, is confronted head on by his feelings for Vampire Barbie.

We FINALLY get more insight into how Caroline felt about him leaving suddenly without even saying goodbye.

Tyler obliterates my ovaries with a half-smile directed at Caroline that the term “puppy love” was invented for. It got more than my Spidey Sense tingling, that’s for sure.

We get some vintage T/C in the form of heavy S&M overtones with chains in enclosed spaces.

The plus? Caroline is in chains along with Tyler this time. The minus? No elastic pants and shirtlessness is involved this time.


Don’t worry, I would never deprive you guys of this 😉

And Tyler, in mid-wolf out, takes the term “break me off a piece of that” when it comes to Damon a little too far.

Click here for the YouTube video of all Tyler/Caroline scenes to replay to your heart’s content. 

Hey, you know those annoying people who say “I called that!” when their television specs are right? I am TOTES one of those people!

You guys, I totally called Mrs Lockwood being the one who fell down the stairs from the blurry as F promo.

It was creepy that she took the fall AFTER being compelled by some Klaus witch minions to call Tyler and summon him home about the fall.

 Vampire Diaries : Terrible Falls


Talk about taking one for the team to get Tyler back, Mrs Lockwood!

Next, we see Mrs Lockwood in the Mystic Falls hospital, which probably is devoid of any blood bags for patients by this point, when suddenly this sexy fucking creature turns around and kisses her softly on the forehead.

My mind was momentarily disabled by the sex rays emitting from Trevino’s eyes.


What is it with men and soulful eyes on this show? Seriously, there needs to be a Damon/Tyler Eye Thing Off.

Luckily for the actress playing Tyler’s mother, who no doubt would have been mindless putty too in his presence, pretty much all she had to do was lie there and play semi-dead.

Now, Tyler’s new hairdo has been a source of controversy in fandom. Some people think it makes him looked like a stunned mullet. I don’t know, I thought he looked hotter than ever. Plus, it makes sense that they would make subtle changes to his hair and wardrobe, to hint at the personality changes that have also occurred and the fact that hair grooming has been the last thing on his mind while gone.

But what do I know? If I am willing to take Trevino on the back of a unicorn, I probably am just easy game for him at this point.

 Vampire Diaries : Terrible Falls


The brown leather jacket was an epic fail, though. I know that the wardrobe peeps were trying to get across a new “earthiness” to him, but I wanted BAMF black.

Luckily Tyler in wolf form later this episode was totally gangsta (TM Gen).

The sweet mother/son moment made me realise that these two may be the ONLY unfucked up guardian/child relationship in the show. Case in point, when Alaric had to say something that would prove that he wasn’t Klaus when he got back together with Useless Aunt Jenna this episode, he gave us this gem, “The first night you and I spent together Jeremy walked in right when I was ab-”

You know that conversation Buffy had with The First? “All right, I get it, you’re evil!”

Well, writers, all right, we get it, Jenna’s useless! I will give her this, though; she is spunky and seemed to recover from all the shocks she received last week in fine style.

Tyler walks out of his mother’s hospital room, only to be accosted by Jules who TELLS HIM OFF FOR VISITING HIS MOTHER. I know, I know, it was a full moon day, but I think the only reason Damon hasn’t de-hearted her by this point is because she doesn’t have one.

Although she has clearly been mentoring Tyler, it is nice to see that he isn’t afraid to stand up to her and defend his decision to visit his mother.

Tyler and Jules run into Caroline as they walk outside the hospital, who is on her way to visit Tyler’s mother. D’awww, I love Caro so much!



There was lupining and vampining all over the place in this scene. My cold, black heart squeed.

There was also that awkward moment of Jules having to face the girl she had helped torture and almost kill.

I love how Jules rolled her eyes like an annoyed older sister who has to deal with her little bro salivating over a cute chick in front of her.

Tyler’s glare when she said that she would only give him a few minutes to chat was epic. Way to give away his game, JULES! I’ve had my brother give away that I like someone in a similar way, so I totally get Tyler’s irritation.


So much was left unsaid in this scene, and Trevino and Accola sold the hell out of it with tiny flickers of expressions and subtle shifts in their tone of voice.

Caroline asks if Tyler and Jules are friends now. A lot of people read jealousy into this question. I think there was also an undercurrent of betrayal. Although Caro helped Tyler as much as she could in lead up to and during his first transformation, she is a vampire and can’t understand what it is werewolves go through. So on an intellectual level she might have already reasoned that Tyler had left with Jules. Emotions are a different thing altogether, though. Caro sees in Jules her torturer and near killer. So I thought this was a nice way of reminding us of the tension coming from warring species is likely to always create between Tyler and Caro.

It works both ways, though. Later, we see Tyler look at Damon, his uncle’s killer, with defiance that suggests that ongoing Lockwood/Salvatore tension is a given. No mention was made of Mason, and I’m hoping that Tyler’s “I trusted you!” in Daddy Issues and “you lied to me” in Crying Wolf aren’t considered closure on this issue. Trust and lies are major themes with T/C, and I’d feel cheated if Mason’s death is just swept under the carpet.

It was nice that Caro, although obviously hurt that he had left, wasn’t angry at him anymore. She has had to ask for forgiveness herself this season; for killing and attacking people as a baby vamp who had yet to gain control of her impulses. Also, she has probably acknowledged to herself just how quickly the shitstorm of events that came at him after The Descent happened, and cut him a little slack. So it makes perfect sense that with time to cool off and miss Tyler, that she would see things from a different perspective, though still be awkward as hell around him. That’s what I love about this pairing. They don’t need a grand gesture like a karaoke scene to reconnect. All of their scenes were private and were epic because they are when they’re together.

I love how peeved Caro was about her goodbye getting “lost in the mail”. I’m not sure if she ever got back her cell phone after Tyler stole it in Crying Wolf, so maybe Elena told her he had taken it and Caro was trying to get in a subtle dig?

Caroline asks why he just left, and it broke my heart how Tyler tried and failed to find a way to explain everything. Did you notice that Tyler did that little chin tuck movement he did when Caroline wanted to know what was up right before he planted the Ambush Kiss on her?

Just in case you forgot:


It’s the cutest little tic that reinforces how hard it is for him to be open about feelings like love. That’s why his “I love you” to Caroline, when it happens, will mean so damn much.

Tyler, usually a vibrant and at times volatile personality, was noticeably subdued throughout this episode. Every time he looked at Caro, it was obvious he was as in love with her as the day he left, but he was fairly controlled… as opposed to the night of the Ambush Kiss, where his emotions landed him straight on Caro’s lips. Now I just desperately want an animalistic, passionate T/C kiss after being introduced to this cool as a cucumber Tyler.

It’s obvious those crazy kids weren’t ready to get to the kissy kissy stage without a little push, so Klaus’s witch minion Maddox and Greta brain migraine them and then chain them up in the Mystic Falls tomb together. Obvs they even remembered that Tyler’s fave type of dating spot are dark, scary places like underground cellars.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m convinced that all witches must be Forwood shippers on this show. First, we have Luka’s dad glass Matt in the neck. Now this!

You know how Caroline told Bonnie to tap Jeremy’s insanely hot ass already, when Bonnie was having doubts about him for some reason like I don’t know, SHE DOESN’T HAVE EYES?!


Speaking of Jer, writers, can we pls have a shirtless scene of him next ep? Pls?

Here is hoping that Bonnie returns the favour and tells Caro to Just Do Tyler sometime in the future.

The tomb scene. I mean, seriously.

Dank, filled with creepy crawlies. Yet every little moment had much more emotional resonance for me than a beautifully lit karaoke scene. Tyler/Caroline are stunning together no matter what the setting. Or maybe it is just the fact that chains were involved.


Caroline wakes up and I love how she is like, “That witch vervained me!” the way I might say to someone, “That super annoying friend of a friend who I secretly loathe just Facebook friend requested me!”

Caro puts two and two together and realises that Klaus must be collecting ingredients for the sacrifice he’ll be doing to break his curse (red herring alert! they were a decoy for Jules and another vamp being sacrificed!).

Tyler is like, “Who the fuck is Klaus?”

Klaus’ name is just so ridic that I can’t find him scary, I’m sorry you guys. Elijah, on the other hand? One flick of that amazing hair and I am both aroused and terrified.

Long story short, Caro and Tyler figure out that they are likely to be goners.

Caro has taken a leaf out of Jen Lindley’s book, the Dawson’s Creekster who was on her deathbed in the finale but could still cultivate a healthy interest in who Joey was going to choose between Dawson and Pacey. SPOILER ALERT she picks Pacey! Haha, jk, I bet most of you reading this were Joey/Pacey lovers 4ever, especially since their relationship gave us Crying!Dawson:

Funnily enough, Damon calls Matt “Wonder Boy” in this episode, and Dawson asked Jen in season one if he could be her “Boy Wonder”. Hmmm… 😉

Caroline persists in finding out why Tyler didn’t say goodbye to her, because at least sub-consciously she knows he is ass backwards in love with her and wants confirmation of this.

Some people hated their dialogue, calling it stilted and overly talky, whereas most of Forwood’s interactions have been show rather than tell. I tend to think that if you can’t be honest and loosen up about being open right before you think you are going to die, when can you? Sometimes stuff just needs to be said.

Anyway, here’s the exchange:

Caroline: Why didn’t you say goodbye? You just left.

Tyler: You want to talk about this now?

Caroline: Well, if we’re gonna die, I might as well know the truth. Why did you leave me?

Tyler: I knew you hated me. I thought you deserved better than having someone like me in your life.

Caroline: I was hurt. You know, you turned your back on me when I needed you. But I could never hate you, Tyler.

I LOVE the way Candice says “Well, if we’re gonna die…” It was just so Caroline, for want of a better way of describing how she says it.

I get other people’s frustration at Caro asking why he left. I mean, she slammed a door in his face and said they weren’t friends anymore. But there is a difference between keeping your distance in the same town and leaving the place entirely without warning. Also, I have had friends who are obviously crushing on one another deny, deny, deny that their affection is reciprocated until they physically fall lips forward onto one another, so I could buy Caro being in denial that Tyler is in love with her and that’s why he left.

I totally disagree with the peeps who thought her, “Why did you leave me?” was a relapse into whiny, insecure, “what did I do wrong?” Caro, as she tends to be with Matt.

Caro has been there for Tyler, say it with me, MORE THAN ANYONE HAS EVER BEEN THERE BEFORE. Sigh!

She stayed with him until the penultimate moment of his transformation, refusing to leave his side until she absolutely had to, and even then she said, “I’m sorry” when she left the cellar he was chained up in.

Another one of her defining moments with Tyler involved her telling him, “I don’t want you to be alone” as her reasoning for helping him through all the werewolf stuff.

Her reluctance to leave him was a huge part of their relationship. So, I find it really powerful that the question she asks is, “Why did you leave me?” It’s not even necessarily a shippy question.


Tyler’s look when she asks that question was like a sucker punch to the stomach; he looked so pained.

You guys, I can’t act for shit, but I have to admit that Trevino’s delivery of “I thought you deserved better than having someone like me in your life” sounded really clunky to me. The pauses were just so weird, I don’t know. Hey, I keep it real when I review 😉

Luckily, this was followed by some phenomenal acting on his part. When Caro tells Tyler she could never hate him, you can practically feel the tension leaving his body and this happy, adorable glow just radiates from him. That half-smile?

 Vampire Diaries : Terrible Falls


Seriously, somewhere in the world a litter of unicorns was just born. Or a rainbow Care Bear discovered how to channel its powers for the very first time.

As is always the case with moments like this, an interruption occurs. Because it comes in the form of Damon Salvatore, I can give the writers a pass.

Damon is busy saving the day after screwing up monumentally with Elena earlier in the episode. I loved that he obviously now considers Caroline one of his people and went out of his way to save her. He didn’t want to unchain Tyler, but when Caro stands her ground and refuses to leave without Tyler he concedes, which is a very unDamon-like thing to do.


The way Tyler looks at Damon, you just know he hasn’t forgotten about Mason, and in season three he is gonna be all BRING IT and Damon will be all BRUNG.

I tehe’d like crazy at this little Damon gem: “Your boyfriend’s outside with a rifle loaded with wooden bullets. You have some explaining to do.”

It was all in Ian Somerhalder’s awesome delivery, just this nonchalant tone that my brother might use to say to me, “Your boyfriend really sucks at X Box, you know. Might want to look into that, because JOY STICKS”.

Tyler was kind of indignant when he asked Caroline, “Matt knows about you?!”

Xander feels your pain, bb. Remember how Xander got upset when loads of people starting finding out about Buffy’s secret life as the Slayer, cos the more people who know the more it cheapened it for the rest of them?

Matt was superb in this episode.

FINALLY, he is coming around to the fact that Caroline isn’t a heartless monster just because she is a vampire. When it appeared she had stood him up, instead of getting all upset he worried that she might be in danger and started looking for her. He shot one of Klaus’ minion witches!

(though Jesus Christ, that witch could take down a vamp and were, but not Mystic Falls’ answer to a Natefused character?)

To top it all off, he got pistol whipped by Damon! Can I get a WOO and a HOO? Awesome or not, it was satisfying seeing him get knocked out.

Can’t wait for Caro to grill him about why he had wooden bullets in his gun when he was meant to have been compelled by her into forgetting she is Vampire Barbie and all the other Mystic Falls supernatural shenanigans. Is a bitch slap from Caroline too much to ask for?

Damon asks Tyler how fast he can get the hell away from the tomb, and Tyler says that he needs to get the Lockwood cellar and hopefully his elastic pants.

Tyler: I can chain myself up.

Caroline: I’ll help.

This shows why these two are perfection together. Tyler, as shown when he couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye to her, feels like he can’t expect anything from her anymore, yet here is Caroline immediately just stepping in because he is her bb. The little sideways eye movement Trevino makes is AWESOME; this is a big deal for Tyler, and he conveys it all in this tiny motion.

Our merry trio move to leave the tomb, and OF COURSE, Tyler starts transforming into a wolf, and this time it is all happening super fast.


Oh, Tyler, you tempt fate every time you go after a Salvatore on this show. You’d think you would have learned after your Bad Cop Tyler phase when you held Stefan hostage that one time.


Though thanks for your efforts to get both Stefan and now Damon all sweaty.

Tyler lunges at Caro while half wolfed out and Damon springs in front to save her. We don’t see until later, but Tyler must have gotten a nip out of Damon, because the weird flesh-eating rash that Rose got when Jules bit her has started appearing.

I’m curious as to whether a werewolf bite when a person is half-wolfed out, half-human has the same effect as when they are completely wolfed out.

Hopefully the cure involves shirtless blood donation (though not too much!) from Tyler to Damon. Imagine the possibilities, if you will.

Caro and Matt run to the Lockwood cellar with Tyler!Wolf in hot pursuit. M/C lock themselves up with Tyler!Wolf snarling at them all gangsta like.

Caro is adorbs and tries to talk to the wolf.


Now we have to wait until next week to see if Matt decides to use bullets on Tyler!Wolf or not. Tread carefully, Matty. You are on Spidey probation ATM. 😉

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16 responses to “Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The Last Day – Vampire Diaries

  • Gen

    Awesome recap was AWESOME!! I have loads to say and unfortunately I can’t do it here at work. I have to go home and try and figure out my plan of attack on this response lol.

    Just for now though, I totally notice the chin thing with Tyler. I’ve been meaning to gif it and the one from 2×12 and just haven’t had time. It’s going to happen though…eventually. It’s just so cute; plus, like you said, it just conveys how hard it is for him to express his feelings. Le sigh. Love them.

    I’ll be back with an in-depth resonse lol.

    • Spidey Sense

      GEN! *smishes you*

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if fangirling were an actual occupation?

      When I was watching the Tyler/Caroline scenes, I totally squeed my head off at the ch, andin tuck and knew you would be swooning too. I remember us just loving how adorable this little movement is, and getting excited over what it signifies.

  • kjewls

    I was super excited to read your recap of this episode. And, of course, it was everything I hoped it would be, and more! As far as I’m concerned the only way the TVD writers could’ve have made this episode more ripe for Spidey analysis, is if they had Forwood use their combined supernatural strength to break free from their respective chains, and spontaneously combust together in a hard core were-vamp sex session.

    Tyler WAS unusually subdued this week, wasn’t he? Do you know how CRAZY the old Tyler would have gone, if someone had the AUDACITY to CHAIN HIM TO A WALL? All of Mystic Falls would have been instantly awakened by his growls and Pelvic Thrusts of Anguish. Apparently, at Werewolf Boot Camp, they teach courses in anger management, self-control, and how to look less freaky when in werewolf form.

    I can definitely see what you are saying about the lines Caroline and Tyler exchanged in the tomb being a bit clunky, literal, and fanfiction-esque. Do these characters, Tyler in particular, really talk that way? Some have wondered. Normally, they don’t. 🙂 But I actually think that, under the circumstances, the conversation was realistic.

    Have you ever had a conversation or argument with someone, and then replayed it in your head about a dozen times afterward, analyzing every word you said, and they said, and every possible meaning behind each? (Kind of like a LIFE recap :)) Imagine doing that every day, for A MONTH!

    I have a feeling that, in addition to chasing bunnies with Jules (who, let’s face it, doesn’t exactly seem like a scintillating conversationalist), Tyler has been getting a LOT of alone time, lately, most of which he undoubtedly spends replaying moments from his relationship with Caroline. Caroline too seemingly has had a lot of thought time. (Notice, how she hasn’t been much involved in the Save Elena Games, since Tyler left.) I mean, granted, she’s had Matt to keep her company, but Zzzzzzzz.

    So, by the time these two see one another again, they’ve worked through a lot of their issues internally, and probably often practiced what they would say to one another, if they had the chance to do so. But then the first time, Caroline and Tyler actually DO see one another, the reality of their situation hits, and they lose their nerve.

    Then, they get thrown into this situation, where they both genuinely believe they are going to die. And that “If you just had one day left on Earth, what would you do?” sort of mentality sets in, erasing all past inhibitions and worries, as to how the other person will react to their words. Plus, they are completely alone, with literally NOTHING to do at all, but TALK.

    Given all that, I feel like their conversation actually felt pretty organic. Couple that with the notion that the writers only have a limited time to spend with Caroline and Tyler as a twosome (having lots of OTHER fish to fry right now), and want to make those moments count, in terms of driving the couple’s relationship forward for future episodes.

    As for Caroline, asking “why did you leave me?” I’m with you. I think Caroline NEVER expected Tyler to COMPLETELY skip town, with nothing so much as a note or a phone call explaining himself (Perhaps her “your letter got lost in the mail” comment, was a reference to the pithy note Tyler left his OWN mother, before his departure?). Sure, she told him, in the heat of the moment, that she wanted him out of her life. But most people don’t take those type of instructions quite so LITERALLY. I mean, can you imagine if DAMON left Mystic Falls, everytime Elena told him to go away? He’d NEVER be on the show! (And I probably wouldn’t be watching. :))

    I genuinely don’t think that Caroline consciously knew that Tyler was in love with her, when he left town. She knew that he was ATTRACTED to her, for sure. But I think that Tyler’s actions during “Crying Wolf” and “Daddy Issues” caused Caroline to question Tyler’s feelings toward her. Fortunately, her own insecurities about his feelings and motives were undoubtedly put to rest this week

    So, thank you for sharing your Recapping Brilliance with us Forwoodies. And also, thank you for the Crying Dawson. That PICTURE never fails to bring a smile to my lips, and a laugh to my belly. 🙂

    • Spidey Sense

      Thanks so much for this beautiful and eloquent comment! I know that things were a bit darker with Delena this week, so I’m so happy you can still get excited over Forwood sparkles and rainbows!

      Damn those witches for vervaining Caroline. Otherwise, as a vamp, she probably WOULD have had the strength to break free from those chains ordinarily and give us that bb were bb vamp sex scene we’ve all been hanging out for. Though in all honesty, with all the emphasis that has been placed on using Caro’s door as a metaphor to her heart, I actually hope the first time T/C have sex she leads him by the hand into her house, hopefully removing certain articles of clothing like his shirt along the way 😉

      It was interesting seeing Tyler be so subdued (though not cold IMO). All Caro is a fairly emotional person, an interesting element of her relationship with Tyler is that, as his pillar of strength leading up to his first transformation, she kept hers completely under control so she could give him the support he needed. It moved me SO MUCH how she remained calm while in the cellar with him while he was transforming, yet when she sprinted outside after he wolfed out she burst into the tears she’d obviously been suppressing the whole time during the emotionally wrenching experience. Now, Tyler is all of a sudden cool, calm and collected, and seems very much at terms with how he feels for Caro. Luckily, his soulful eyes totally showed off the emotions he was trying to keep from showing too much on the surface!

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I ADORED the Tyler/Caro tomb scene. I think I mentioned in my recap that if you can’t open up in a life/death situation, when can you? Also, I thought that some things just need to be said, especially if, as you so astutely pointed out, you’ve had a month to gain enough perspective on how you really feel about a person and situation.

      I was really just referring to Trevino’s delivery for that particular line. Along with Ian Somerhalder and Candice Accola, I think that he is the best actor on the show (with the rest being incredibly impressive too), so I hold him to an incredibly high standard. Just the way he said it sounded jarringly weird to me. Other than that, his acting was top notch this episode, especially during that little half smile moment.

      One of the most irritating things about Caro being back with Matt is how it has sidelined her from the main action. It’s like the writers think that her being with Matt and being kickass and awesome are mutually exclusion. I did like the writing and acting for Matt better this episode, and I’m looking forward for the fallout for Matt and Tyler’s friendship about Caro, Tyler being a werewolf, and the very real possibility that Matt might shoot Tyler in his wolf form.

      What Tyler and Caroline went through together was so intimate that I’m not surprised that she would ask him a deeply personal question like “why did you leave me?” which ordinarily would be reserved for an official significant other. I bet Matt wouldn’t have liked her asking that, if he had heard her! The looks flowing between Forwood in this episode were so emotionally charged, and even though they haven’t officially gotten together like Matt/Caro, never have I seen an iota of the same feeling between Caratt. Just like Delena, it is all in the subtext 😉

      I wonder how Tyler interpreted her asking the question though. Does he think she might be romantically interested sub consciously in denial? Or does he think that Caro, who has always put a premium on loyalty in all of her relationships, is just the type of person who would phrase a question like that in personal terms, whether she is involved platonically or romantically with someone? I’ll be interested to see how self-aware Tyler acts about his feelings for Caro and hers for him in future eps.

      Thanks again for the sweet comments and appreciation for Crying!Dawson, who will forever have a special place in my heart 😉

  • ThatPoppyGirl

    God I love your post.
    Whoo Tyler and Caro S&M HOT!
    Still hate matt though, sorry

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, thanks so much for your lovely words!

      Even though the tomb scene was very sweet, I just couldn’t ignore the S&M connotations of them both being in chains. Tyler/Caro are just this awesome blend of sweet and insanely, sexily hot. I can’t wait for their next kiss and sex scene, because I am curious about whether they will be animalistic and passionate or softer and more tender as with their first kiss. Also, seeing Trevino shirtless in a sex scene wouldn’t hurt, either! 😉

      Haha about Matt! I was high on Forwood unicorn glitter this week, so maybe I was just in a more generous frame of mind when watching the Caratt scenes? I am incredibly interested to see the first Tyler/Matt moment, and whether Matt actually goes through with trying to shoot Wolf!Tyler, because Matt seems to be finding it tough to accept his friends having both a supernatural side AND their humanity. This will go a long way to determining how I feel about Matt in the future. His douchebaggery in the past towards Caro, and the overall toxic nature of their relationship, is something that I will stand by and argue until I am blue in the face about, though.

      There have been moments where I have liked Matt the character very much, but generally speaking they have not occurred with Caro. Just as long as he lets the better man win (Tyler!), Matt can live and I would be okay with that 🙂

      Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  • André

    I must say, this recap was by far the most fluently to read in my eyes. Good job.

    Like I said over there at kjewls’ place, I think the episode was a fucking tease. So much and then it just ends and we are left hanging. For some people this week will be long.

    Ok one thing before I start: I won’t comment on the whole Tyler-Caroline thing unless really necessary. You know my stand I know yours and this episode brought nearly nothing new in that regard.
    And yes I still think that the comment that Caro was supposedly there for him more than anyone else is due to the characters immaturity and not actually Caroline. If that statement would be true his life must have been totally miserable.

    Two things must also be said about the episode though, well three:
    (1) Tyler’s forest humping wasn’t in it and the scene where he says “GO” is different.
    (2) We finally know how much time passed since he first transformed. Only one month. All the crazy stuff happening since episode 11 happened in less than a month. No wonder everything is so on fire and sorta weird, the characters hadn’t even had time to catch their breath.
    (3) Tyler was really gone a bit too long. He is no longer up to date.

    Yes I agree with you that Tyler looks much hotter. Actually that was the first thing I noticed. There was also that change in … I’m not sure… aura maybe. He seems different and that makes me question what has happened in that month.
    I also noticed the lighter colors, and as we all know such a thing- as you mentioned – reveals a change in character. The question is how, because let’s face it, considered how the werewolves were portrayed, did anybody really expect a change for the good in Tyler? Then again it was only a month so maybe the bad part hasn’t sunken in yet. Seriously if Jules hung out with that crew something must have been wrong with her.
    And that Tyler stood up to her, to some degree that is, is not surprising considered that he doesn’t seem to have more family left. He never came along as that spineless.

    And since we are at the wardrobe, something came to my mind when you addressed Tyler’s wardrobe change. Did you notice that despite being with Bonnie, Jeremy’s wardrobe didn’t change? All in all he dresses a bit more stylish in this season, but his colors are still mostly dark and his cloths are plain. Even since he is with Bonnie that didn’t change. I wonder whether that has a meaning. Could that be some foreshadowing that he hadn’t left the dark at all or maybe will be there again soon? I mean so far he was portrayed as the character with the most grieving, which was a bit lacking in the other characters.

    As for the things to be swept under the carpet. I don’t know, maybe it will. I mean did Bonnie and Jeremy ever really confront Damon about what he did to them? The guy is responsible for Vicky’s and Grams’ death, not to mention Jeremy’s snapped neck. That Elena seems to overlook something like that so fast doesn’t really surprise me, she is way too trusting and yes I agree there is something going on with Damon and her; however that seems to cloud her judgment. No matter what many Damon fans say, I think he is far too dangerous and unstable to be ever be trusted.
    Maybe it will come up due to Matt and Jeremy wanting revenge for Vicky’s death, that could open old wounds and Wonder-Elena won’t always be there to protect Damon’s ass. So it looks so far as though some things have been swept under the carpet, I hope it won’t happen again because that is just cheap, and really unrealistic considered what had happened.

    And I would also love to see McQueen shirtless, considered that he stated at Eyecon that he has his own abs we would get quite a sight, but I think his tattoos are the reason we haven’t seen so much shirtless of him.

    Ok, Tyler’s statement when Caroline asked him was totally in character. First he said himself what a jerk he was earlier in the season and we all know people don’t fully change that fast. That Tyler is still in him. Second he was already close to become the biggest asshole of Mystic Falls and this is something he also hasn’t forgotten. Plus, there are two Tyler’s since the murder. And that other Tyler is a full-grown killing machine and even if it only comes out once a month, if Tyler really has a crush on her – we all know it needs more for love than what has happened so far – putting as much distance between him and Caroline then is actually the most logical “solution”, well apart from killing himself.
    And it looks as though McQueen is not the only actor who can do the puppy eyes.

    A little bit background stuff since we are at that scene. Kjewls stated that the fact that a vampire and a werewolf are still required for the ritual was not how Elijah described it in “Klaus” and makes his motives questionable. In addition the whole stuff is weird because, considered that the originals are at least a millennium old they must have had plenty of opportunity to create other vamps so there should have been some around even before the false stories were circulated. Shouldn’t there have been some vamps that knew of the different versions? Weird if you ask me.

    But back to your recap:
    It’s interesting to see that you finally warm up a bit more towards Matt. And I don’t think that Caroline will be angry for Matt knowing. The way she was portrayed so far would suggest that she would be more upset if she finds out that her mother knows; which she will find out if she asks Matt.

    Furthermore Tyler’s transformation didn’t happen super fast, they still had to get from the tomb to near the cellar so some time must have elapsed. What happened super fast was the sun going down and the moon rising. When Damon unchained them it was bright day, when they got out is was darkest night with the moon standing high. Mystic Falls must have influenced the Earth’s rotation.:D

    As for Tyler biting Damon, I had my suspicion early on, but from the fight scene I would have guessed for a bite in the hand and not at the arm-joint, for going that deep Damon’s jacket would have to be torn. Oh well, TVD reality against real world reality again. 😉

    As for Matt using the bullets:
    (1) It wouldn’t kill Tyler.
    (2) Second, if Tyler has matured and finally cares about other people he would be fully supportive of Matt shooting him when wolved out.

    Something kjewls mentioned about a villain from True Blood saying that he doesn’t see why everyone is so into Sookie made me think how great it would be to have someone in this show doing the same. You know someone who is in town for a reason that isn’t directly tied to Elena. Or someone telling Matt and Tyler, both are obviously not as stupid as it sometimes seems, to use their brain, to tell Jeremy that he looks like model, to tell Caroline that she is a super-powered vampire and should grow a spine and live in the real world or tell Damon to get his balls and finally spit it out. Man that would be great.

    So that is my comment for today. Can’t wait until next episode. Maybe I will then be able to assert whether Tyler was played by a wolf or dog, respectively wolf-dog.:)

    • Spidey Sense

      Haha! Of course you think the one recap where I can actually say something nice about Matt is fluent 😉 Seriously though, thanks for the compliment! It was one of the hardest recaps for me to write actually. I’ve been suffering really bad writer’s block lately, so it’s nice to know that the eventual read is fun!
      “Tease” is a brilliant word for the episode. As the prologue for the two final episodes of the season, a lot of it involved set up without complete payoff, and there were more cliffhangers and OMFG moments than you can poke a stake at!

      The thing about my Tyler-Caroline focus to remember is that neither of them are above reproach. I love my bbs, but you will be the first to read when I think they are acting unfairly or not being held to account. I know you think I have rose coloured glasses on when it comes to Tyler especially, but hotness jokes aside, I recognise what his character is – someone who has a proclivity to be a jerk who is only now showing signs of being able to control his dark side. I don’t forget the way he treated Vicki when they dated, nor that he wasn’t above getting physical with Caroline before he knew that she was a vamp.

      The reason why I love him so is that the character is so determined to change for the better. He has stated on the show how much he hates his dark half, and I think he is among the most self-aware characters. For the record, I really do believe Tyler when he says that no-one has been there for him like Caro. His distant relationship with his father is a given, but I bet prior to his father’s death his mother was more caught up in Mystic Falls events than anything else. Many of his friendships at school were probably superficial, and he has never really seemed particularly close to anyone other than Matt (it’s gotta sting for Matt for having his best friend say to his face that Caro was the one who’d only really been there for him!!). Jeremy and Mason, who he showed signs of closeness with, both abandoned him when they had gotten/failed to get what they wanted out of him.

      I guess the other thing is, even if Matt had been there for him, he certainly hasn’t risked his life for Tyler (that we know of) the way that Caro did for Tyler. Tyler knows that Caro stuck with him throughout his transformation into a creature that would have killed her, and did so even though it would have been incredibly hard to watch. So, yeah, I think what she did for him was pretty special.

      I really hope they don’t whitewash the Tyler character in subsequent episodes, too. I like that he was softer and sweeter in this episode, but I also loved how some of his blunt edge remained (“you really wanna talk about this now?”). It was inevitable that he changed while he was gone, but I never want Tyler’s snarkiness to fade completely.

      No-one was more surprised than me when Matt didn’t annoy the hell out of me in this episode. I may have been riding the Forwood high a little, but honestly, I could empathise with where he was coming from. Since I prefer the Matt/Tyler friendship to the Matt/Caro romance, I like that Matt is now confronted with a situation where he has to decide if his best friend and a monster can coexist (when facing off wolf!Tyler), much like he has been trying to decide if there is still humanity left in Caro. Someone his dilemma feels stronger to me, because facing down a wolf is much different than facing down a vamp, which always looks humanesque.

      Also, as much as I may joke about my desire for Matt to get killed, in all honesty, if his relationship with Caro has been built up recently in time for a hero’s death, I would be disappointed. If Tyler/Caroline end up together, I don’t want it to be by default. If Matt dies and Caro ends up with Tyler, it wouldn’t be nearly as powerful as if she chooses to be with Tyler when both choices are available to her. I don’t mind Matt becoming a more viable prospect for her, because I hate lopsided triangles where the “winner” is obvious. It is far more compelling if the centre point of the triangle should truly be torn. It would also be interesting to see the usually mature Matt deal with Tyler’s interest in Caro, even if Tyler doesn’t actively do anything about it.

      I was shattered when the Forest Humping wasn’t included in the ep. I had all these salacious jokes ready for this reverse Wolf Bend and Snap. The promo monkeys incurred more of my wrath by including Tyler’s “Whatever you need, I’m right here” moment despite it not being in the actual episode of The Descent. I looked forward to that so much!

      I agree with you that Tyler was gone for too long. (one episode without Trevino sex godliness is one episode too much though IMO ;)). I think it would have been better if they brought Tyler back at least one episode earlier. With the sacrifice coming in the next episode, there is little time for character development, and with so much story material with the T/C reunion and discovering what Tyler’s been up to while gone, I feel like we won’t really get any satisfactory payoff to all that has been built up this season. It makes me feel happy this is the case in some ways, because I believe it means both Tyler and Caroline are safe for next season.
      “Change in aura.” SUCH a good way to describe his change. Want to take over my recapping duties?? It’s interesting that you say the werewolves have been potrayed in a negative light. I think I’ve harped about this on the Spidey blog before, but I have never really felt anyone Team, Team Vampire or Team Werewolf, are really heroes in the way that the Scooby Gang on Buffy were clearly the good side battling evil. Vampire Diaries is more about you protecting your only little posse, but objectively speaking I think that most of the supe characters are anti-heroes, and The Council, the humans dedicated to ridding Mystic Falls are the “heroes” in the sense their purpose is to protect innocent human life.

      So, yeah, I can expect a change for the good in Tyler, while there is still bound to be some moral ambiguity in his future actions. It’s just how this show rolls. I even saw a bit of a change in Jules upon third watch. Did you see how guilty she acted around Caro? I bet that Tyler has talked to her about Caro and how much Caro helped him during his transformation and was a friend to him. She has always been so dead set on believing that all vampires are the enemy, and I didn’t get that vibe from her. She had the grace to allow Tyler a few minutes to speak to Caro alone, which I doubt she would have done if her opinion of Caro hadn’t changed for the better. In a small way, her character was redeemed a little.

      It’s interesting that you bring up Jeremy’s wardrobe. I’ve been planning to do an in depth character post about him, so I’ll have to keep his wardrobe in mind while doing analysis. It may be just that Team Salvatore tends to wear black, whereas Team Wolf wears earthier colours. We still don’t really know exactly where Tyler falls, though I suspect it will be Team Wolf and Team Caroline. Salvatore-Lockwood tensions are sure to ensue in season three, based on the set up in this episode.

      Hey, did you notice that while McQueen was all excited about lifting up his shirt at Eyecon, Trevino refused to do so? It is kind of hilarious given the number of shirtless scenes Trevino has had this season. I mean, Trevino baby, you wouldn’t have been showing anything we haven’t seen on our screens a million times beforehand. The lack of shirtless Jeremy is just unacceptable, IMO 😉 They should just work with the tattoos. Jeremy went through a rebellious phase. Who isn’t to say that he found a way to get tatts done under age?! Those tatts are sexy as hell, aren’t they?

      Tyler’s statement that he thought Caro didn’t deserve someone like him in her life makes me think that, even if he stay in Mystic Falls, if she comes close to getting bitten in this next ep, he might distance himself from her for a while anyway.

      All of this curse stuff is confusing, if you ask me. I don’t completely trust Elijah OR Klaus, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Elijah was lying about the ingredients or if Klaus was just keeping up the charade of the sun-moon curse being real (he doesn’t know that Elijah and Elena had that exposition-happy session together in the Klaus ep). You’re right though, it doesn’t’ all add up.

      LOL about Mystic Falls influencing the Earth’s rotation. The time jumps are crazy! But you must admit, once they went outside, Tyler’s shifting seemed to happen pretty quickly. If he had started changing IN the tomb, where it could be fanwanked that he started changing while it was still lighter outside, I could believe the transformation was much slower. As it stands, it seemed pretty fast to me.

      Final note: It would be INCREDIBLY AWESOME if someone mad a remark about not knowing what all the fuss is about when it comes to Elena, or otherwise making jokes about the cast. I do like Elena much more than Sookie (as potrayed on True Blood, anyway. Book Sookie is far more awesome).

      • André

        Me saying that your recap was fluent had nothing to do with you saying something nice about Matt. I guarantee. 😉

        Your statement about Tyler makes my question, what the writers will do with him, if he survives that is. From a dramatic point of view the character would now be in an excellent position for the whole good vs. evil within you, with the wolf representing the violent and aggressive part of him. But I won’t speculate too much right now. I wait until the next episode, albeit who knows whether Trevino will appear in it.
        Maybe the writers will later focus on his relationship with Matt, or maybe not. We both noticed that some things seemed to have been swept under the carpet long ago. Maybe that is what happened with what you mentioned of Tyler’s relationship with Mason and Jeremy. Sometimes what the characters do is really just a tool and nothing more.
        Of course, considered how little time has passed between ep. 11 and ep. 20/21, who knows, in theory the whole season could have been going over no more than 2 or 3 months.
        Gosh it bothers me that there are barely any hints to how many time flies. Really I just hope they will let some time pass between season 2 and 3, I mean unless they come up with something really “unexpected” (or ridiculous) Klaus will be out of the picture for a while no matter what happens. If he dies, he dies; if not he will take Katherine with him and probably not bother anymore with Mystic Falls.

        “Tyler knows that Caro stuck with him throughout his transformation into a creature that would have killed her, and did so even though it would have been incredibly hard to watch. So, yeah, I think what she did for him was pretty special.”
        And once again I say, don’t forget that she has superpowers. Infectious bite (it is not the bite that is actually deadly if you ask me) or not, in a confrontation she would still have a good chance of making it out of their alive. Matt’s survival chances would be close to zero.
        By the way, wasn’t the cell the two locked themselves in the same Tyler was during his first transformation? If yes, how did the gate got repaired? 😀

        “It was inevitable that he changed while he was gone, but I never want Tyler’s snarkiness to fade completely.”
        Well it was only one month after all, if they had changed him to much that would be unrealistic. Unless they later state that he was brainwashed. That would be cheap but in “Fantasy shows” not unheard off.

        ” Someone his dilemma feels stronger to me, because facing down a wolf is much different than facing down a vamp, which always looks humanesque.”
        Well when Tyler is a wolf, that is then not really him and neither does it look like him, so – in reference to the next episode – the decision to shoot could be easier. Especially considered that Tyler himself stated that he is a danger. And although many fans would hate Matt for shooting, it would be totally acceptable in my eyes. And I think the show needs a character that doesn’t romanticize the supernatural aspect so much as the others did.

        ” It would also be interesting to see the usually mature Matt deal with Tyler’s interest in Caro, even if Tyler doesn’t actively do anything about it.”
        That I would like to see. But to be honest if Caroline wants Tyler in such a situation without Tyler doing anything for it, it would speak again for her romanticizing-flaw, which you already mentioned. But I am sure we will get much more to talk about that once the new episode is on air. I guess I would be able to see it on Friday, albeit I doubt that I will have a fluent stream. 😦

        ” It makes me feel happy this is the case in some ways, because I believe it means both Tyler and Caroline are safe for next season.”
        They might appear in the next season, but as you know there is always the flashback. Plec I think mentioned something like that.

        ” Want to take over my recapping duties??”
        It could be fun. But I think I would delve too much in the background and not focus on the characters enough. 😀
        You know all my brooding about the curse, the ineffective bite, the inconsistencies in strength portrayal and the vamp-were-war not making sense (even less so with the new info about the vamp and werewolf condition) or where those human Salvatores did come from. And I would probably refer to the real world more often; e.g. that according to Wilhelm Hertz, who wrote the pioneer book on the werewolf subject, simple silver is not enough, you need to have it inherited (and considered that Damon and Stefan were pretty much dead to their father even before he shot them they can be considered disowned and therefore inherited nothing), or I would talk about how Elijah’s story about the geographical origin of the TVD vamps mimics that of the modern literature vampire who is itself basically of Eastern Europe origin, albeit not having much in common with its folkloristic predecessor. So I think viewers might get bored with me pretty soon. But I guess it would be fun for a while nonetheless. 😉

        “It’s interesting that you say the werewolves have been potrayed in a negative light.”
        Well so far the werewolves who seem to have been weres longer than a few months, when they talked that is, appeared rather… assholish, a bit sociopathic and their behavior sort of fitted the “self-serving” myth stereotype. Remember Jules’ attitude before the confrontation? It was, IMO, her being all self-righteous and probably not even considering that the whole mess was her fault as well. Then there were Brady and Stevie, sociopaths per excellence. So something was more than just odd with them. In addition the writers had again reverted to the stereotypical depiction of the werewolf in that all the background wolves were men. So the werewolves who were given some light were not really in a positive light. If you look at it only randomly but at a closer look, no, not positive at all. Hunted or not, there is no excuse for such a behavior.
        I also didn’t really see guilt in her face, but then again my stream wasn’t really fluent so I might have missed it. For me she looked like: “if you have too”.

        “I’ve been planning to do an in depth character post about him, so I’ll have to keep his wardrobe in mind while doing analysis.”
        I would love to read that. Let’s see what dark corners of his soul you will unearth. *evil grin*

        ” Hey, did you notice that while McQueen was all excited about lifting up his shirt at Eyecon, Trevino refused to do so? It is kind of hilarious given the number of shirtless scenes Trevino has had this season.”
        That might be the very reason he refused to do so. As an actor you not only face the danger of getting fixed to a certain type of role but also your body. If he would just show it all the time he would probably run the danger of being reduced to this.
        In McQueen’s case it’s more the other way around. He was one of the few who nearly never got to show some skin or even tight clothes and he stated in an interview that he had done martial arts or something and is actually looking forward to present his new body.

        “Those tatts are sexy as hell, aren’t they?”
        Haven’t seen all of them yet, so I can neither agree nor disagree.

        “Tyler’s statement that he thought Caro didn’t deserve someone like him in her life makes me think that, even if he stay in Mystic Falls, if she comes close to getting bitten in this next ep, he might distance himself from her for a while anyway.”
        Since its classic drama material, that is very likely.

        “All of this curse stuff is confusing, if you ask me. I don’t completely trust Elijah OR Klaus, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Elijah was lying about the ingredients or if Klaus was just keeping up the charade of the sun-moon curse being real (he doesn’t know that Elijah and Elena had that exposition-happy session together in the Klaus ep). You’re right though, it doesn’t’ all add up.”
        In more than one way. Remember what I said about the time? Now the question is: how does Klaus know Aztec? Seriously, with prior info it might have made sense that the vamps had connection to the Americas before Columbus but know they are pretty much bound when it comes to travel.
        And of course there is the question about the vamps themselves. In case of the werewolves it makes sense that they couldn’t know any better. They are mortal and if you look at cases like the Beast of Bray Road or the Mohrbach Monster (an “old German legend” that didn’t occur prior to 1988 and is practically unknown in Germany) it is easy to see how they could be so easily fooled. But considered that Klaus supposedly looked for the ingredients for lifting the curse for 1000 years, there must have been other vamps around during the time he made those stories up; unless they started with making new vamps only 600 or so years ago. And even if, how is it possible that there are such vamps like Slater but none of them noticed that there are several versions of the curse? From all the versions only the “Aztec” one survived? That would be really weird, considered that Roman scrolls were more cherished than Aztec ones (or whatever it was they used) and therefore were more likely to survive over the time.

        “But you must admit, once they went outside, Tyler’s shifting seemed to happen pretty quickly.”
        The issue is more that we don’t know the exact geography of Mystic Falls. Just because the tomb and the cellar are both in the forest doesn’t mean you don’t have to cover some distance. And they seemed to walk at normal human speed so you can guess that they could cover 5-6 km per hour. Again, we would have to know the geography. But as long as Mystic Falls doesn’t turn into another Sunnydale I guess we can deal with that (remember Dracula’s castle that no one ever noticed?).

        “Final note: It would be INCREDIBLY AWESOME if someone mad a remark about not knowing what all the fuss is about when it comes to Elena, or otherwise making jokes about the cast. I do like Elena much more than Sookie (as potrayed on True Blood, anyway. Book Sookie is far more awesome).”
        I think the following topics would be good for jokes:
        1) Elena’s involvement with both brothers. Not to mention the age difference and her seemingly being partial about vamps.
        2) Damon getting revenge of Stefan for more than 150 years (pretty waste of time).
        3) Asking whether Jeremy and Tyler ever had sex. And stating that it would be weird if both say no. 😀
        4) Lack of Bonnie’s parents.
        5) Lack of staff at the school.
        6) That no one realizes how Jeremy actually looks.
        7) Caroline’s horribly yellow dress from season 1.
        8) The fact that Katherine constantly fucks up Stefan’s life and still wants him to fancy her.
        9) Matt often locking like being a blockhead.
        10) The fact that the gang only fucks within the circle. 😀
        11) Asking where Stefan and Damon have their money from.

        More funny stuff I can’t think of right now.

        • Spidey Sense

          I think KJewls made an interesting speculation on my Got Forwood Spoiler Whore post for The Sun Also Rises about Tyler doing something morally ambiguous while away on werewolf boot camp with Jules or whatever he was doing. Like most characters on the show, Tyler exists in a grey area and I fully expect the aggressive aspects of his personality to continue to play a part in his character development. Now that he has even more incentive to be a better person because of his love for Caroline, it will make his internal struggle all the more interesting. The Tyler who returned was all cool, calm and collected, so seeing the more violent parts of his character come back into play would be even more striking to witness.
          Most of his interactions in the latter half of this season have been with Caroline, the love of his life, so I am curious to see his relationships with other people next season. Will he be resentful of Jeremy for his betrayal and abandonment, or understanding? How will his relationship with the Salvatores fare, and in turn what impact will this have on his relationship with Caroline?
          I know we will probably never agree with this, but superpowers or not, Caroline was in an enclosed space with a creature that has a lethal bite for her species, and did not leave him until the absolute final moment because she couldn’t bear for him to be alone, and as a result was almost bitten by him. Also, it would have been incredibly hard emotionally to stay there during such a horrific first transformation, as shown by Caroline bursting into tears as soon as she locked him in and ran outside. You are totally right about the gate, though. So many answered questions with this show 😉
          Hmm, I don’t know if I agree with you about the characters romanticising the supernatural aspect. Tyler’s character arc for this season has been coming to terms with a darker half of himself that he has stated he hates (e.g. his desire to never want to wish someone dead as he did Sarah again), and his transformation is an incredibly painful process and the creature he turns into isn’t particularly attractive. The vampires are a little bit different. I mean, for one thing neck biting is much more sensual, and we have seen the fun parts of super speed, like when Damon dances in the rooftops of the Salvatore mansion. But we have also seen the unromantic aspects of being a vampire or being involved with one. For instance, Damon kissed Katherine on her mouth, bloodied with a victim’s lifeblood, while he was still a human, but he did so with intense revulsion. We saw Elena’s terrified reaction when Damon force fed her his blood, an action done with the intent of saving his love from what seemed at that time certain death. Witches are also supernatural beings; Bonnie explained to Jeremy that his ring wouldn’t work on her. How disturbing was it to see her give him a kiss in this most recent episode that knocked him out and essentially took away his agency. So I don’t know if romantic would be the exact right word.
          However, what I do like is that Matt is the one character who has made the active choice to stay away from the madness. Being involved in the supernatural life in Mystic Falls isn’t an inevitability (unless you are a doppelganger who is the central ingredient of a ritual ;)), and antipathy towards supernatural beings IF IT IS WARRANTED rather than blind acceptance is fine by me. Caroline and Tyler have both existed around him long enough as supes for him to gather that their humanity is still to a certain degree intact. So even though it is easier to kill a bestial version of Tyler, the fact that it is still Tyler should give him pause before shooting.
          I’m still holding out hope that we see Matt act as an objective, mature third party when it comes to Tyler and Caroline, even though he has broken up with her and said that he doesn’t want anything to do with the supernatural life. You just know that he’ll be pulled back in some way next season. Maybe he’ll even regret pushing Caroline away and want her back. I think he will really need to work to deserve Caroline again, and when they broke up to make way for Forwood as I think it is obvious would happen, I would want Caroline to do the dumping this time – I think this would mark major character growth for her. I just want some awesome love triangle-y awkwardness that results when some parties aren’t aware of the feelings that others have for them.
          I think that things like the inconsistencies in the portrayal of vampire strength and other aspects of mythology on the show are really interesting, and I’m hoping to do some more Supes 101 posts looking at this sort of stuff. I think the writers on TVD need to be careful about mythology because there are loads of gaping plot holes and deus ex machina happenings when you look closely. It is such a fun ride that I don’t really mind too much, but my love for this show would be stronger if they sweated the small stuff a little more.
          Jules is a character who I wish they had fleshed out more. Sometimes she seemed to genuinely care about Tyler – but why was she there for him to the point of her death when he was a relatively new member of her pack? I just don’t get it. It really took the werewolf honour code to the extreme. I am still hoping that we find out there is something special about Lockwood werewolves and when Tyler reveals more of what happened in his time away we discover that Jules knew this. I wonder if part of the reason why Tyler seems so quiet and newly mature is because he was made aware of a particular responsibility that is his legacy to shoulder as a Lockwood.
          *evil grins back at you about Jeremy* Oh, there will be hot shots of the boy along with my exploration of every dark corner he has. Jeez, did you see how hot he was in his suit at the funeral? I was moved by the scene but couldn’t help but appreciate the eye candy.
          Such a good point about the intellectual vamp Slater not connecting the dots on such a seemingly important curse. Guess he was researching the wrong thesis topic! Speaking of which, we’ll never know exactly what thesis topic Aunt Jenna was writing.
          It would be awesome if they just showed the back of Bonnie’s dad for the blip of a second in one episode and that was all the insight we were given into her family.
          Jeremy and Tyler are the great unexplored ship, and I am hoping for at least some charged friendship/frenemies scenes next season. Also, when Jeremy asked with no irony that Bonnie thought he was hot, I LOL’d so loud. Poor unaware bb!

  • Sophie

    God I’ve been waiting for you recap impatiently!
    Now it’s my time to fangirl with you! I’m throwing all caution about dieing characters to the wind so I can love Forwood like it is breathing.

    First off, I’m with you on Matt. He needs to do a lot more to redeem himself, but in my eyes? He’s getting there. I love that he was the one questioning the sheriff about Caroline still being Caroline (thank the lord he noticed). So my guess on that is that Matt still cares for her, playing into the cards of our new triangle on the show. The other thing I got from that, is that maybe Liz will die. I don’t know, I read some spoiler about the funeral being for Liz, Matt, Jenna, Alaric or John. But Jenna’s a vamp and I hope she won’t get sacrificed, Matt is semi-safe in the cellar with Caroline and Tyler (who I’m pretty sure will survive all three, because why cut such an awesome storyline short?), John was at the funeral and so was Alaric… So that leaves Liz. Horrible for Caroline of course, which may lead to an ‘everyone I’ve ever loved will die and I’ll live forever alone’ breakdown. I don’t know, I’m just speculating my arse off. And you know, picturing Tyler whispering comforting shushing words into Carolines ear as the roles are reversed this time, isn’t such a bad thing to be speculating about!

    LOL “Natefused character” I know right? Matt is all kick ass all of a sudden and takes down a witch everyone has been fearing/running away from? Really Julie? I’m guessing she really does love Matt.

    I was oblivious to the ‘between the lines’ convo when Damon interrupts our two soon-to-be-lovers so I’m happy and surprised about your interpretation! I even rewatched the whole thing -not such a rarity since it’s all I’ve been doing lately..- to see for myself! And I loved how Caroline with a simple “I’ll help.” confirms to Tyler she’s still there for him if he needs her. Say it with me now.. ‘awwww’. LOL

    The conversations..
    Tyler with the longer hair (which I actually thought was lovely, although I prefer him in black leather too, screw the hidden meanings) looks a lot more accepting of his life as a werewolf, so I kinda give props for Jules (EW) for bringing him a little peace of mind. But when he first saw Caroline, not being able to keep his eyes off her (I don’t know if you noticed, but the whole time until Jules actually leaves, Tyler doesn’t take his eyes off Caroline. SO much love I can’t help but jump up and down and squee!) and I totally love that interaction, maybe even more than the tomb scene. Because, it was so normal. I mean, there wasn’t an actual closure for Tyler leaving. “Get the hell off my porch.” isn’t the same as “Leave town.” So I get Caroline for wanting to know what the hell was going on. They must have been wrestling with their feelings towards another for the whole time Tyler was gone. Maybe Tyler more than Caroline, because she’s in denial because “she can’t go there.” I hope they re-open this conversation when everything is dealt with. They NEED the conversation. Hell, I need the conversation. But anyway, the way she desperately wants him to talk about stuff and he desperately wants to stay and leave at the same time. It’s so normal because they have a lot to say and don’t know where to start or how the other is feeling about all this. It’s kinda like when you want to tell someone you love them but don’t dare to because you don’t know if they break your heart or say they love you too. And Caroline is the one taking that leap by insisting Tyler to tell her.

    His tic. Can I just please? My lord. It is adorable! He has so much going through his mind, so many things he wants to scream so he has to force his lips together and think. Think what he is supposed to say instead of what he wants to say. He does it in the parking lot as well as in the tomb. Tyler is so closed about feelings because, just like Caroline, he never really had it returned the way he gave it. (Does that make sense?)
    What I’m trying to say is that Matt and Caroline were cute, but Matt always asked so much of her, things she couldn’t change about herself and couldn’t give him although he was the first person she fell in love with. Tyler on the other hand, had an abusive relationship with his father and random hookups with the wrong people. I don’t think either of them ever had that perfectly happy moment when you tell someone you love them and they say it back. (Maybe Matt/Caroline a little, but still..) And I agree with you one that. When Tyler finally tells her, it will be HUGE.

    So what I was saying… A lot of things going through his mind, he’s not good at expressing himself, she basically tells him she will always care for him and BAM instant relieve and cute smile. Sophie was pleased to say the least. (hey that rhymes!) He also doesn’t look away from her until she does, I’m thinking Klaus could’ve shown up and as long as she didn’t stop staring, he wouldn’t have stopped staring back. -squee-

    Some people really found it forced, the dialogue in the tomb. And I didn’t notice because of my Forwood high until I read a few reactions to it. Then I sorta noticed Tyler’s “I knew you hated me…” was weird. I think maybe that’s because that wasn’t what Tyler was originally planning to say to explain why he left HER. Kinda like, first thing that comes to mind at that moment but not entirely what he wanted to let her know.

    I absolutely make no sense do I?

    The last thing I wanted to say, is that I LOVE how Caroline took a step closer to Tyler even though in that second she’s a vampire to him, not the girl he cares for. That’s also why I love the fact that she starts talking to him, as if to let him know it’s her… Can you say CUTE?

    Well, I hope you’re reviewing the promo for next week too, letting all us crazy Forwood lovers know what you think of it. I hope Matt has to shoot Tyler, so Tyler backs off and Caroline waits to see him change back and then checks his wounds (he’ll be naked the next morning.. -giggle-) or something. But I also read somewhere that the moment Klaus becomes a wolf, he has a power over other wolfs. So it may also be that Klaus calls for other wolfs and Tyler answers, like a sort of compelling but on a wolf level? And then Caroline and Matt stay where they are for protection and have the much needed “Why the hell are you carrying wooden bullets and how do you remember everything since I compelled you?”-talk.

    I AM EXCITED and a little bit terrified. The same feeling that washes over me whenever Elijah opens his perfect mouth or rips someone’s heart out… I need help.


    • Spidey Sense

      God, I love this comment so much I just want to through glitter and fairy dust at it!

      Don’t worry, there is no way that Tyler is dying, because the writers know that I would round up my herd of unicorns and get them to stick the writer’s heads on their tusks like pikes during the revolution days and parade through Mystic Falls with them. Okay, just kidding, but I really think that the writers know they have something special with T/C, and can’t see them pulling the rug out from under us at this point. There is so much story material they are yet to touch with the pair.
      I actually hope Matt becomes more redeemed with each episode, because I think the T/C/M triangle is a really sophisticated metaphor for Caroline’s two competing elements; her humanity and her supernatural side. If Matt died, so too would the physical manifestation of this part of herself. Of course, I think that Caroline is better off with Tyler – I don’t think she has fully come to terms with being a vampire and all the implications this carried. She has just gone about her ordinary life up until now, but eventually she will have to face the ramifications of never growing old while her loved ones do etc. Next season is apparently going to be all about the loneliness of being a vampire. Tyler has gone away and come back clearly well on the way to being at terms with what he is now. I can see him being the one person who can help Caroline do the same next season. If they have hot baby were on baby vamp time on the way, so be it 😉

      I fully agree with you that Liz’s death could be the trigger that starts Caroline thinking about what it really means to be a vampire. I have a feeling that her inability to truly accept her daughter is more than a monster is lead up to her death this season. Having said that, Jenna hasn’t transitioned into a vampire just yet – she still needs to feed on a human’s blood. So there is the very real possibility that if Jenna is saved or another vampire is thrown into the sacrifice mix (hey, stranger things have happened on this show), she might choose death over being a vampire. My spec is for Liz or Jenna to die. But, OMG, the thought of Tyler whispering comforting words into Caroline’s ear as she did for him? It just gets all my girly senses pinging at the very thought! Although, Trevino could read aloud from the phone book and I’d probably find that insanely sexy 😉

      Julie Plec and her love affair with Matt… in recent times, it has made me sigh with frustration. Kevin Williamson always seems very pro Tyler/Caro in his interviews, but Julie is much less so, though has been coming around of late (probably due to intense fan response to Forwood). I feel like Julie doesn’t always see just how douchey Matt has come across with Caroline and actually thinks their luv is so twu. Ick! I could handle Matt much better if I thought the writers were deliberately writing the Matt/Caro relationship to appear as unhealthy, but I doubt that is how they, Julie especially, are intending.

      Speaking of Natefused… one day I’ll have to make a post that consists of the MANY inexplicable facial expressions that Zach Roerig has made as Matt. I was going to this week, but then Matt had to go and be all awesome. Dammit!

      I love the writing for Tyler/Caroline – it is so high level, and really supports re-watching and quality analysis, because there is so much subtext and stuff you can pick up after seeing the scenes a couple of times. The acting from both Candice and Michael is always phenomenal. They do so much with an eye movement of voice lilt to show you insight into how their character is feeling at a given moment. Tyler’s reaction to the “I’ll help” was small but it was there, and I definitely “awwww’d” right along with you!

      “I prefer him in black leather too, screw the hidden meanings” – SING IT, SISTER!

      Oh, I noticed that Tyler couldn’t keep his eyes off Caroline. I noticed, all right! I was bouncing up and down and just thinking “OMG, I wish someone would look at ME like that!” I think that in season three they will definitely re-open the “we can’t go there, Tyler” conversation. Whether Caroline comes out of denial herself or is kissed out of it by Tyler or what have you, it is going to happen. I really love your interpretation of Caroline’s persistence about finding out why Tyler left being the equivalent of taking the leap to tell someone you love them. In particular, saying “why did you leave ME?” was so, so intimate. I’ll be curious to see who initiates the conversation. We’ve had Tyler asking Caroline why she risked staying with him during the transformation (he may not have known what his feelings exactly were at that point, but knew he wanted SOMETHING from Caroline), but Caroline was the one who led with actual feelings ( “I cared about you Tyler, I care…”) in the conversation. Also, she was the one who was really trying to understand why he didn’t say goodbye, or work out where his head/feelings were at. It would be nice to see Tyler lead with the feelings at some point, as this would mark major character growth.

      OMG, the chin tuck is so adorable I can’t even. You know how I thought that one line “I thought you didn’t deserve a person like me in your life” was a little stilted in the delivery. I’ve been thinking about it, and Trevino is such an awesome actor I’m starting to believe that was deliberate. This was a sentence where Tyler was open about his emotions, something he normally doesn’t do. So, of course, it came out sounding unnatural. Or, as you pointed out, maybe it wasn’t want Tyler wanted to say – I bet he wanted to say it was because he loved her and couldn’t stand her hating him, but just didn’t have the courage to do so!
      I love how Tyler often tries to put what he is feeling into words but just can’t seem to get it right. It totally makes sense what you say about him never having feelings returned in the way he has given them. Caroline especially has been shown to just want love and acceptance.

      One reason I prefer T/C infinitely over M/C is that she is always working so damn hard to get Matt to like her, whereas with Tyler she wasn’t trying to get him to like her; he just did. I thought “I love you” from Matt rang really hollow. He said that he wasn’t in a position to lose someone else, which tells me he told Caro he loved her less because it was this intense feeling in his heart that just had to be expressed as it was him not wanting to be all alone. Also, him saying, “Even though I wanted to throttle you today, I think I’m in love with you” is about as romantic as him saying “This’ll never work” after his first kiss with Caro. Contrast this to Tyler’s “I kinda fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t, because she’s pretty incredible” and it’s obvious who the better suitor is!
      Ohhh, I hadn’t noticed that he didn’t look away from Caroline while giving her the puppy love look in the tomb until she did. As far as they were concerned, it WAS Klaus bashing through into the tomb. Yet all that mattered for Tyler in that moment was that Caro had forgiven him and missed him. *Squees with Sophie*
      Oh, I am TOTALLY reviewing the promo for next week. (don’t even tempt me into thinking about Tyler naked, or I probably won’t be able to get my mind to function enough to form a coherent thought ;))

      Klaus being able to compel wolves would be an interesting power. That seemed to be one of the few benefits of being a werewolf; vamps not being able to compel you. If Klaus’ compulsion means Tyler answers and leaves Caroline to bitch slap Matt because they talk about him double crossing her, as long as Tyler isn’t harmed or does something stupid I am all for it.

      If you need help when it comes to Elijah, hun, I need help. I am praying to God that his presence in the Lockwood mansion results in an Elijah/Tyler scene. My screen might explode with the influx of hotness!

  • Gen

    I’m so fail Cherie. Please forgive me. I have read this recap a billion times already and I have so much I want to discuss and I just don’t have the time. Ugh.

    I do plan on going all out for tomorrow’s episode and I WILL post my thoughts on this recap eventually. It might give us something to do over the summer lol.

    I think my favorite interaction between them -in this episode- is outside the hospital. The looks are what make me love them so much. I think we can all agree how expressive Trevino’s eyes are; the flicks he does with those lashes and the intensity in them has me swooning all over the place. I love that so much is happening and they are not even speaking. It’s something that is FELT between them and it’s in these moments that I completely loose myself in them. Tyler’s change in demeanor is sublte, but it’s enough to notice there has been a change there. Props to Trevino and I totally agree about the side ways look he gives Caroline in the tomb after she said she would help him. I loved it so much I giffed it lol. He’s so awesome. Love him. 🙂

    Although, I do hope that Tyler hasn’t lost all his agressive nature. There are certain things that make Tyler TYLER.

    Can I mention how epic the score has been in TVD lately? I’m absolutley loving it; especially the music that plays over T-C scenes. It’s just that extra “UNF” we need for them lol.

    I was more satisfied with just how Caroline handled seeing Ty again. We didn’t get squat in terms of her feelings about Ty leaving town in previous episodes. In the exchange outside the hospital you can see how much his leaving affected her. The little break in her voice as she said, “You’re explanation must have got lost in the mail…along with your goodbye,” killed me. It was just a little validation that Caroline wasn’t okay with him leaving. After what? Five…six…episodes of Tyler being gone and Caroline parading around like she didn’t care, that moment was everythimg to me. Just as much as her, “Why did you leave me,” line broke my heart, Tyler’s eye closing had tears streaming down my face.

    The talk in the tomb felt off to me at first and I didn’t really like Trevino’s delivery of the line, but like it was mentioned above, anything coming out of Tyler’s mouth in which he has to express his feelings would sound unnatural. Some did not like the talk, but some things need to be said. The Tyler-Caroline relationship just can’t be their epic looks and sexual tension; at some point these two NEED to talk about what is going on between them. I was a little thrown off by it at first, but now I can watch that scene over and over again. Plus, the half smile…I die.

    Now here comes my analysis on…Matty.

    First of all, I didn’t notice him at all during first veiwing lol. I knew Tyler was coming back and that is all I was focusing on. I’m curious as to why he was out there with a gun loaded with wooden bullets. Did he follow Damon in hopes of finding Caroline or to kill Damon? What really surprised me is that he KILLED Maddox. When did Matty become a killer? Has everyone murdered someone in Mystic Falls?! Good grief. I don’t know what to think of Matt at this point. He’s still playing it that he doesn’t know anything, but he’s going to have some explaining to do once it’s all said and done. I’m looking forward to seeing how he, Caroline and Tyler interact in the morning (They are all going to live and no one can convice me otherwise!). You know how much I love Matt and Tyler’s friendship and how desperately I want that to prevail despite eveything that is surely to come betweent them. So when Matt called Tyler’s name in concern I flailed lol. I did notice his side way glance at Caroline when she was tyring so hard to support and comfort Tyler during his transformation. He already knows about Tyler’s feelings, and I think he suspected that Caroline might be feeling more about him than she’s initially led him to believe. I do not think it’s being done deliberatley by Caroline. I believe Caroline was probably oblivious about how strongly Tyler felt about her until the kiss. However, I think she still didn’t really process how she felt until he was gone. I’m sure she gave it some thought, with her “I thought about it a lot last night,” line as she told Tyler that they couldn’t go there in 2×14. Like you said, it’s different from telling someone to leave you alone and still being in the same area/town as opposed to leaving completely. Time has made the heart grow fonder I believe on both ends of our OTP and I can’t wait to see all unfold.


    Okay, so maybe I was able to express most of my opinions right now lol. I get rambling and I can’t stop. I think my co-worker got annoyed with all the clickity-clack of my keyboard when it is so quiet in here lol.

    Awesome recap was awesome and I can’t wait to ramble again tomorrow.

    • Spidey Sense

      D’awwww! Don’t worry, Gen! What with the influx of new Trevino photoshoots to GIF and photoshoot the fuck out of, I’m not surprised you haven’t had a chance to comment. My eyes thank you 😉

      OMG! This summer and no Forwood. Sadness is filling me already. Though I guess I’ll just have to post the rest of my Got Forwood rewinds!

      Seriously, whether Trevino does an eye flick filled with contempt, menace or deep love, I turn jelloid in his presence. I thought that I would never love looks between them more than the cuteness sparks sent between one another in The Descent, but Accola and Trevino proved me wrong in this episode! They express so much with so little text and in such a short space of time, it never stops amazing me.

      Definite props to Trevino for the new confidence and maturity with which Tyler carried himself. It was nice seeing splashes of the Tyler of old in all his teenage bratty glory still exist, like when he tells Jules “I got it” with the exasperation you use on an older sister bugging you when you’re with a crush.

      I agree about you wanting Tyler to keep some of his aggressive nature. I want it to be an ongoing issue he has to struggle with. I like the snarkiness he has, which isn’t your usual one liner variety, but distinctively Tyler. I would hate them to whitewash him into an entirely good guy. Some of his jerkiness (like “we people”, “SWOOP” etc) I find really endearing!

      I think we got a lot of subtext about Caroline missing Tyler in earlier episodes, but it was nice to see just how much of an impact him bailing had on her. I wonder what Caroline was going to say when she followed after him when he was going to leave, right both he got a brain migraine from the witches.

      “Why did you leave me” moved me so much, you have no idea. Also, the half smile is as special to me as the word “elastic” now when it comes to this couple 😉
      Hahahaha! I didn’t notice Matt upon first viewing either. He may as well have been an inanimate object, like a coat rack. I guess we’ll never really know why exactly Matt went out into the words, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he wanted to save Caroline. That is an excellent point about how easily Matt became a killer – not in terms of what he was physically capable of, but morally. Dark Matt is so gonna happen next season, I’m calling it now.
      I love the thought of Matt being the objective party that can see how much Tyler and Caroline are in love with one another even though they are either in denial or believe the other doesn’t feel the same way about them. You know how Caroline said, “I don’t want to overanalyse it, it was one kiss”? The hilarious thing is that Caroline is an obsessor who totally would have overanalysed the situation, but I think that because it hasn’t been mentioned since and it could easily be interpreted by her as neediness after his transformation, she has probably locked down in her mind any possibility of him feeling anything more for her than friendship.

      Clickity-clackers for the motherfucking win! I type ultra loud too, for some reason, so I’m probably just as annoying for my colleagues!

      Thanks for your sweet words about the recap and I hope that you enjoy the next one!

  • 12-12-12

    Hi! I’ve been going through your recaps to get me through the LONG LONG SUMMER, it’s only June and I’m already dying for lack of new episodes, heh.

    Xander feels your pain, bb. Remember how Xander got upset when loads of people starting finding out about Buffy’s secret life as the Slayer, cos the more people who know the more it cheapened it for the rest of them?

    OMG, I totally had the same thought about Tyler saying, “Matt KNOWS about you?!” but I thought I was reading too much into it with my Forwood shipper glasses. So glad to see someone else felt the same way.

    Your recaps rock, bb. It’s like watching the eps all over again but with even more extra-concentrated Forwood AWESOME. 😀

    • Spidey Sense

      Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love that you are commenting on my blog! After all, you are Forwood royalty, so glad to have your seal of approval, bb!

      It’s amazing how much you miss having new episodes to pick over for analysis, isn’t it? Tyler/Caroline’s relationship is so rich for analysis that I definitely go into withdrawal when there are no new scenes for them.

      I am definitely looking forward to Vicki Donovan’s ghost being back. I want Caroline AND Tyler to be confronted by his past douchery. His regrets with how he treated Vicki, branded as someone who “deserved” that treatment as a tramp somewhat by the show, versus his respect for Caroline, who up until recently was put down textually by the show as you know (control freak, insecure, neurotic etc etc) wll make for an interesting character study.

      I’ll be recapping a bunch of Forwood episodes from early in season two since I only started recapping at The Descent, so be sure to stop back for that!

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