“Right.” And. I. Die. – Let’s Talk More Tyler/Caroline Promo Goodness For S3


Let’s talk about S-E-X bbs, I mean U-N-I-C-O-R-N-S…

Spoilery discussion under the cut!

CW, who are apparently masters of the last minute, have bestowed upon us a Season Three Vampire Diaries Preview with snippets of our OTP Tyler and Caroline with some snippets from exec producer Julie Plec about their relationship.

Skip to 1:27 for OTP goodness. Thanks KJewls for the tip about this promo!

Here are my instant reactions (in depth stuff to come in my Got Forwood recap!):

Gah! Unicorns! Glitter! Rose pebbles!

Caroline: “He thinks we’re dating.”

Tyler: “So does my Mom.”

Caroline: “What?”

Tyler: “We’re together all the time, it’s not a leap.”

Caroline: “That’s crazy.”

Tyler: “Right.”

Clearly, Caroline is in Denial Land. I do believe she is at the doth protest too much stage of their relationship.

Tyler’s split second reaction shot after “Right”, where you can see him betray his emotions for a brief instant, is why I love Michael Trevino’s acting so much. He does so much with so little, and never overdoes it, yet you know EVERYTHING Tyler is feeling. Perfect delivery on “Right”, where you can just FEEL Tyler’s disappointment that Caroline is so quick to deem anything happening between them as “crazy”. You also just know he is one second away from pouncing on her adorableness.

Candice Accola is absolutely radiant in this scene, practically glowing from her ethereal skin, white top, angelic blonde hair and natural effervescence. Seeing Caroline completely discount the possibility of being with Tyler shows that even as she knows him now, there is still part of her struggling to shift the way she has always thought about him. I mean, in season one, they were part of the same friendship group but I doubt would have ever considered the possibility of dating. Plus, maybe some part of her is afraid of losing a friendship that clearly means so much to both of them.

Also, if Matt is the “him” referred to by Caroline, listen up bucko (TM Alyssa): you have no ownership over Caroline or what she does ever since you dumped her.

Tyler apparently agrees with me, because the second snippet shows Tyler saying (I think) “He’s screwed in the head”. I approve, Tyler, I approve.


I ADORE the knowing look on Elena’s face when Caroline admonishes him with a “Tyler!” She it totes picking up the sexual tension vibe between the pair. She has the same cat’s eating the canary grin she got when Alaric punched Uncle John.

Question: Desperate Vampire Diaries fan here! Can I have some “Forwood” scoop, please? —Jo

Ausiello: Elaborating on her Comic-Con tease that Caroline and Tyler would remain in an awkward friends zone in Season 3, Plec says, “The thing about the friends zone is, when there’s that much animalistic sexual tension that exists between two people, eventually the friends zone is going to have a mattress involved. I think we can safely say that sooner or later, Caroline and Tyler aren’t going to be able to avoid the fireworks that very clearly have been simmering between them all summer long.” Now that is a woman who knows how to craft a good sound bite. Well done, Plec. Well. Done.

Is this the Jo who sometimes comments here?? If so, you’re internet famous! Yay!

Also, click here for a fabulous Zap2It interview with Candice and Michael.

I especially love Candice’s sex advice for Tyler: “If Tyler accidentally nipped Caroline, then she would die and he wouldn’t be gettin’ no nookie,” Accola teases. “A smart man would keep those fangs where they belong.”

Well, bbs, we have made it! Season Three is now upon us. Let the fangirling begin!

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4 responses to ““Right.” And. I. Die. – Let’s Talk More Tyler/Caroline Promo Goodness For S3

  • Jo

    Hey Cherie

    Yay me I’m famous LOL.

    All kidding aside I loved those scenes and I totally agree about trevino’s acting abilities, that slightly crestfallen look made me go “aww” along with “Caroline baby get your head out of the clouds and just look at him! He loves you for crying out loud!” sigh bless her tho they are so darling. ❤ Tyler's comment that his mother thinks their dating made a red light go off in my head for I can't help but feel like she'll be their main oppressor and make things difficult.

    Only a few more hours!!! 😀

  • Gen


  • oxymoron417

    Where’s our liveblog 😦

  • Jessy

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Did you watch the episode yet??? I’m on such a Forwood high right now i can’t really form coherent thought!!!
    I NEED one of your amazing, awesome posts analyzing and fangirling the heck out of every delicious Forwood scene we got! Please, please, please! with Trevino on top? 😉

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