“Jack-Jack-Jackieeee!” – Music Video Recap – Jackie – BZ featuring Joanne

Jackie single cover
“I woke up with your name on my lips, I woke up with your lips on my imagination…”

Only a few rare songs perfectly define a zeitgeist sound, and Australian singer Joanne’s classic hit Jackie is one of them – it basically screams 90s pop goodness.

Jackie has the distinction of being my favourite 90s pop song EVER. If you’ve read any of my mixtapes, you’ll know that is quite a big deal.

I went into the local Swish club, which plays 1990s songs only on Friday nights, recently, and Jackie came on around 1am, the time when energy levels can begin to flag. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, got into every trashtastic beat of the song.

Jackie, a cover of a Blue Zone song (hence the BZ’s featuring Joanne song credit), was the highest selling Australia single in 1998. Grunge was still ubiquitous at the time Jackie was first released, making Joanne’s chant of “Jack, Jack, Jackie” set against an unashamedly cheesy dance track nothing short of revolutionary.


Nirvana boys

Nirvana boys: "WTF????"

The Jackie song alone deserves the adoration of any serious 90s trash fan, but the film clip elevates its cheese level to epic proportions.

So how could I do my very first music video recap with any other song?

Thank you OhNoItIsNathan3 for uploading an HD version of the clip. You are a legend we are all not worthy of ;). All of the GIFs used in this post were made by me, for the simple reason that I couldn’t live in a world without Jackie GIFs!


I woke up with your name on my lips,
I woke up with your lips on my imagination!

I woke up with my name on your lips,
I woke up with your lips on my imagination.
Did you wake up with my name on your lips,
Or am I all alone in this infatuation?
Uh-huh, oh yeah, hey, hey, hey!

Jackie when you’re touching my soul in the candle light,
Jackie when I lost control in the heat of the night.
Jack, Jack, Jackie. Can’t get you off my mind.

I woke up thinking it was you, that I was all alone, alone with you,
Did the same thing happen to you?
If you don’t feel what I feel, I don’t know what I’ll do.
Uh-huh, oh yeah, hey, hey, hey!


I didn’t know that love could feel this way,
I never let anyone inside.
I pushed and I shoved, I fought back the love,
But with Jackie I’ve got nothing to hide.
Uh-huh, oh yeah, hey, hey, hey!

Chorus x 2

Music video recap:

Jackie pout

0:01 I woke up with your name on my lips. I woke up with your lips on my imagination! Ahh, the classic opening lines and Joanne pout!

 Jackie pink lava lamp

0:06 We get a little splash of the 60s with Joanne dancing behind a pink lava lamp. Hand to God!

0:06 Also, for those wondering, rage is Australia’s awesome music countdown show. How do we know it is awesome? The HD YouTube video comes from a Australian 90s special it did last year!

Jackie Joanne Janes Bonds it 

0:14 Joanne Jane Bonds it by shooting bubbles out of gun, which is kinda fitting considering this is bubblegum pop of the highest order. 24 always gets the accolades for making split screens famous when it debuted in 2001, but suck on this Kiefer!

 Jackie split screen Tigress Joanne

0:18 And this! Also, Tacky Hairdo Count – #1 – Tigress Joanne!


0:20 Music video triangle! And Tacky Hairdo Count – #2 – Rapunzel Joanne!

0:20 I affectionately call these guys Bizarro Disco World Salvatores and Bizarro Disco World Elena, because this music video triangle is truly as epic as the standoff between Team Stelena and Team Delena.

Big ass rings

0:25 Joanne gropes some poor, innocent pink blow up cushion. Also, she has not one, but two big ass red rings that are even tackier than Bella’s engagement ring in Eclipse.


Well, at least now we know what the Eclipse stylist was listening to when she chose this ugly ass ring!

Mmm lollies

0:27 Mmm lollies!

Jackie Joanne tigress 

0:28 Joanne sex kittens over a red plastic blow up thingamajig. You know what is even sexier?

Sexy Babs shot

Amy, without doubt one of your shiniest blogging moments ever was introducing this to me!

Jackie fierce Joanne

0:31 I gotta admit, Joanne looks fierce here, and fittingly very Tyra Banksesque.

Jackie Joanne jelly bean shower

0:33 For no real apparent reason, jellybeans are the key motif of the video clip. Then again, watching this is like feeling hyped up on WAY too much sugar.

Jackie Rubik's Cube

0:35 Useless Aunt Jenna Joanne plays with a Rubik’s cube.  Being able to solve a Rubik’s cube is like being able to solve the mysteries of a boy’s mind, but notice that she isn’t able to finish it. Jackie = an enigma! Also, Tacky Hairdo Count – #3 – French Twist on Crack Joanne!

Sad Joanne without Jackie

0:42 Aww, now playing Connect 4 has no meaning cos Jackie isn’t there with her. Also, SPICE GIRL PLATFORMS. Oh, don’t laugh, you know you had them too!


0:43 Just in case you still need convincing this clip is Klassy with a capital K, the hair machine gets whipped out.


0:46 OK, I’ll admit, I would have sold my soul as tween to have been able to chuck out these dance moves.

Jackie Joanne gropes jellybean bowl

0:53 Joanne slinkily runs her fingers over… a bowl of jellybeans?? Just be thankful her name isn’t Drusilla and you aren’t called Kendra, because, I mean, those nails are insane!

Jackie hairbrush moment

1:00 Yesssss! Hairbrush singing!

Jackie girl on fire Joanne

1:03 Imagine my disappointment that this is the only time these flames appear throughout the clip. Guess they blew most of the special effects budget right here! Tacky Hairdo Count – #4 – Girl on Fire Joanne!


1:12 Just try not to sing along to this part! Uh-huh, oh yeah, hey, hey, hey!



1:19 The triumphant return of Bizarro Disco World Salvatores!

Jackie hey you

1:36 Hey you! It is useless to resist the awesomeness that is Jackie!


1:37 Words are inadequate to describe how much I heart this moment.


1:42 Joanne shows Britney how it is done.

Jackie sugar high headache

1:46 Guess the crazy colours of the clip aren’t just giving us a sugar high headache 😉


2:05 SING IT WITH ME! Uh-huh, oh yeah, hey, hey, hey!



2:25 Hey Kurt! You know how you have the superpower of creating Pink Purses when you open your mouth and speak? Bet you can’t create a rain of jellybeans!


2:31 Da-Da-Damonnnn Jack-Jack-Jackieeee, can’t get you and your obligatory psychotic jackass ways off my minddddddddd!

Jackie disco

2:36 The clip abandons all pretenses and goes deliciously disco, and we see the return of fierce Joanne.


3:03 Just when you thought the video clip triangle couldn’t get any more epic, THIS happens…

Jackie Joanne goes HUH?!

3: 07 Joanne, honey, don’t try to understand the director’s inexplicable video clip choices, embrace them!

Jackie random arty shot

3:08 Random arty shot in clip.

Jackie Joanne is spinning around

3:20 Joanne’s spinning around, move outta her way!


3:27 Bizarro Disco World Salvatores are back! Dance to that funky music, white boys! Tell me this dancing isn’t EPIC!!


3:49 Disco Salvatoreo sandwich!

Jackie Agent Joanne

3:57 Fin

Sadly, Jackie is not availably on iTunes, but the song will live on in infamy on YouTube. Or you can be like me and order Joanne’s Do Not Disturb album solely for this song. I am not ashamed! 

So, are you guys Jackie converts? Any song requests for my next music video recap?

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5 responses to ““Jack-Jack-Jackieeee!” – Music Video Recap – Jackie – BZ featuring Joanne

  • kjewls

    You’ve sold me! Those dancing gifs are the bomb diggity! 😉 I especially loved the one with the jelly beans! (I adore jelly beans.) This is the first time I’ve heard this song (or heard of BZ or Joanne, for that matter), and it had me bopping my head to the music on the first play. No small feat!

    Then again, I’m a total sucker for cheesy 90’s dance music. So, I may be a tad biased.

    (Oh, and that Hot Mess Hairdo! Words cannot describe . . .)

  • Spidey Sense

    It is settled – if you EVER come to Australia, I am dragging you to Swish with us girls 🙂

    You’ll be singing Jack-Jack-Jackie in no time!

    You have no idea how disappointed I am that none of my favourite TV shows have a ship with a Jack in it, as I would be all over it with this song. Then again, I used to love 24, so maybe I could write a Jackie/Kiefer Sutherland tribute.

    I do demand that if Kurt ever gets a love interest called Jack on Glee that he cover this song. It would be AWESOME!

  • Marc

    I am speechless. I am without speech.

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