“I have frog fear”: Recap – AMC’s The Walking Dead – S01E03 – Tell It To The Frogs

Sweet zombie guy

Sorry this one's late kids! But can you resist this face?

Previously on The Walking Dead: Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes headed into Atlanta and what turned out to be the zombie capital of America. He was saved from being zombified by Spidey Sense’s newly anointed Walking Dead TV Boyfriend Glenn, who had been on a scavenger hunt for food and other supplies with a group of survivors. One survivor, Merle, was an equal opportunity bigot who discovered karma is a bitch when, through a series of circumstances, found himself handcuffed to a pipe on the rooftop of a building surrounded by a Zombie Block Party. The others escaped and drove off into the metaphorical sunset towards Camp Survivor, Glenn in a kickass sports car Spidey would go on a joyride with him in any day. The latest episode is filled with frogs and princes, but falls short of delivering a rain of toads.

Let’s check it out, shall we?

– Department store of doom roof –

Just outta reach for merle

Merle’s marbles: Are almost all lost and the few remaining ones left are all over the place.

Merle: Looks red raw from the sun and is clearly going a little crazy, rambling about being in the hole and the military. He throws the word “pussy” around a lot for good measure.

Tootsie (Spidey Sense’s cat): Does not approve.

Spidey Sense: Erm, for those wondering, Merle is what we call a FROG.

Merle: Prays to Jesus to take the shackles off his feet hands so he can dance GTFO of there.

Spidey Sense: If they’d played that Shackles (Praise You) song in the background of that scene it would’ve been AWESOME.

Karma: Is now being a complete and utter bitch, because zombies start pounding at the door, just barely kept in check by the padlock and chain combo T-Dog attached.

The Zombie Block Party: Apparently wants to be part of the next best thing to a Mile High club.

A hacksaw: Is on the ground nearby winking temptingly at Merle.

Spidey Sense: God, imagine if this zombieocalypse is all just some elaborate plan from Jigsaw to test the survivors’ will to live?

– Truck of Tearaways –

Morales: Tries to console the guilty-feeling Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes with the fact that no-one is really going to miss Merle.

Spidey Sense: Except, you know, Merle’s crazy redneck brother Darryl.

Also, morals of Morales: Are apparently non-existent.

– Sports Car of Spunkiness –

Glenn: Happily puts the pedal to the metal.

Spidey Sense: Is glad to see that Grand Theft Auto loses none of its allure in a zombieocalypse.

Playstation GTA Liberty City Fanboys Across the Globe: Huzzah!

– Camp Survivor –

Shane Walsh: Shows he’ll do his part to hunt and gather for the camp by… bringing home the frogs’ legs?? Though a frog who catches frogs – how fitting!

Lori and Carl: Don’t seem too excited by this fine dining.

Willow: I have frog fear!

Spidey Sense: Hopes no cute green tree frogs were harmed in the process of making The Walking Dead.

Glenn: Suddenly pulls up to Camp Survivor with his alarm blaring loud enough to wake the undead.

Shane Walsh: Helps turn the alarm off and then chastises Glenn for potentially drawing such attention.

Spidey Sense: Well, at least he doesn’t screw his supposed best friend’s wife zombie style in the woods after engaging in freaky sex games.

The Truck of Tearaways: Pulls up and the survivors pile out.

Andrea and Amy: Have a tearful sisterly reunion that doesn’t move Spidey.

Spidey Sense: You know how The Vampire Diaries has Useless Aunt Jenna? Try imagining two of her!

Amy: Is not to be confused with the awesome blogger behind Imaginary Men!

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes: Hangs back until he sees Carl and Lori.

The Trio: Exchange a big family bonding hug that DOES move Spidey.

DS, Lori & Carl reunite

Lori: Looks over at Shane, who nods imperceptibly as though to acknowledge their days of freaky zombified sex are over.

– Later that night at Campfire of Kumbaya-ing –

Carl: Tells the DS his mum told him her was dead.

Lori gives Shane Walsh: The same look that Lafayette gave the rednecks in Merlottes when he removed his earrings upon hearing they wanted to return the “AIDS burger” he had cooked.

Spidey Sense: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Shane: Tells the DS he barely got his wife and son out of Zombieland.

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes: Is, as Cher would say, “Way grateful”.

Spidey Sense: Oh, poor, Clueless, DS!

You see: What I did there?? 😉

Ed: Who is also sitting by the campfire with his wife Carol and daughter Sophie throws a gigantic log onto the fire.


The log was THAT big, Skars?


Shane Walsh: Tells him off because a big fire could attract the zombies.

Ed: Doesn’t really seem to respect the authority of Shane Walsh and shrugs his comments off.

Spidey Sense: Kinda loves Ed even though he is actually a bit of a douche and logically, rationally speaking Shane is probably right in this situation.

Shane: Takes the log out of the fire and stomps its embers out like the little kid he is.

Ed: Passive-aggressives his annoyance with Shane out on Carol, who seems like a sweetie, so now is on Spidey’s zombie hit list.

Dale, the DS, Glenn and T-Dog: Debate the best way to break the news about Merle to his brother.

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes: Wants to be honest and take the fall.

Lying: Might be the best policy in this situation, frankly.

– Tent of Tenderness (formerly Tawdriness) –

Lori: Hearts the DS and tells him she is sorry for all their petty fights pre-zombiocalypse.

The pair: Get snuggly.

Carl: Is in the same tent and hopefully sleeps through the experience, because watching two parents get it on would scar any kid for life, more than a zombieocalypse ever could.

– Outside the Tent of Tenderness –

Shane Walsh: Polishes his gun alone in the darkness.

Spidey Sense: Don’t worry Shane! There are plenty of zombies and frogs in the sea for you!

– Harsh light of the next day –

Glenn: Watches the dismantling of his sports car for its parts with the same level of offence a nun would take if asked to do a striptease or if Spidey Sense was told by Julie and Kev she’d be denied Shirtless Salvatores for another nine episode run.

Poor: Baby!

The DS: Breaks the news to Lori that he will need to return to Atlanta to save Merle.

Lori: Is understandably not too pleased about this after basking in the glow of DS make-up sex.

Kids including Carl: Scream from the edge of the woods and the others hurry over.

Orc Zombie: Is crouched over a fallen deer with a bunch of arrows sticking out of it, apparently the handiwork of a random hunter.

Orc Zombie with Bambi

Bambi: Has bitten the dust!

Spidey Sense: God! These guardians are worse than Useless Aunt Jenna, letting kids wander around by themselves during a zombieocalypse!

The presence of Orc Zombie: Is a little freaky for the survivors, suggesting that the creatures are having to venture further out of the city to find fresh food.

Dale: Decapitates the Orc Zombie’s head.

Orc Zombie’s head: Awesomely starts moving like a cockroach torn in half.

Darryl: Walks out of the woods holding several dead squirrels and a crossbow, and shoots an arrow straight into the brain of Orc Zombie head, earning himself Zombie Kill of the Week.

Zombie Kill of the Week

Katniss Everdeen: Is Team Darryl.

The gang: Breaks the news about Merle.

Darryl: Takes it incredibly well and reassures them they did what they had to do.

Spidey Sense: No, sorry, that was his Bizarro World reaction.

Darryl: Pulls a knife on the DS. Deputy Sheriff

Rick Grimes: Manages to get Darryl into a sleeper hold and gives the man his word that he will rescue his equal opportunity bigot brother.

The DS: Has edged his way slightly back into Spidey’s heart.

The DS: Puts on his Sheriff uniform…

Strong silent DS

Look, I'm not made of stone and I use this image as proof that he is pretty undeniable in his Sheriff uniform

Spidey Sense: Sigh!

And then he: Volunteers Glenn to come along with him FOR YET ANOTHER SUICIDE MISSION!

Spidey Sense: Is again firmly Team Glenn. Looks ain’t everything!

T-Dog: Knows he is a series regular so puts his hand up to go in too, but at least he gets to volunteer himself.

Shane Walsh: Argues against the insanity of going back for Merle.

Shane: “Why would you risk your life for a douche bag like Merle Dixon?”

Darryl: “Hey, choose your words more carefully.”

Shane: “No, I did. Douche bag’s what I meant.”

Spidey Sense: Can’t believe she is gonna do this, but is awarding Shane Twinkie Moment of the Week for that little gem.

Twinkie Moment of the Week

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes: Mentions that it wouldn’t hurt to get back his dropped bag of guns and ammo, considering they have four bullets left at the camp and a ZOMBIEOCALYPSE going on. He also wants to stay true to his word and get in touch with Morgan and son via walkie talkie.

Say it with me: Awww!

The DS, Glenn, T-Dog and Darryl: Head back to Atlanta with one round each.

Spidey Sense: Hopes they have awesome ninja skills because this is hardly going to keep the Zombie Block Party at bay.

Shane: Stays back at the camp.

Spidey Sense: Shocker!

Shane: Later tries to have a moment with Carl showing him how to hunt for frogs.

Lori: Tears him a new one for insinuating himself into her family and tells him to stay the hell away from Carl, especially since he had told her the DS had died.

Damon: Dick move!

– Department Store of Doom in Atlanta –

Our Ragtag Group of Rescuers: Have made it back to where they last left Merle unscathed so far.

Darryl: Takes down a female zombie with an arrow and is an awesome shot.

– Back at Camp Survivor –

Andrea: Tries to get male chauvinist Ed to help with the washing.

Ed: Is all Bitch, please, makes some misogynistic remarks for good measure, and demands that Carol leave with him.

 Jacqui: Wants to know if he is taking her away so that Carol can turn up with more bruises later.

Ed: Smacks Carol in a nasty, horrible move.

Shane Walsh: Beats Ed to a pulp, though there are probably a few punches thrown in because of the reappearance of the DS.

– Back at Department Store of Doom –

The Zombie Block Party: Has evidently changed locations because the stairs leading to the department store roof are conveniently zombie-free.

Our Ragtag Group of Rescuers: Use bolt cutters to open the padlock on the door and head out onto the roof.

Merle: Is gone.

Merle’s hand: Hi Ragtag Group!

where's merle

Merle: Is clearly the only candidate for More Badass Than Tallahasse Moment of the Week for this episode.

More Badass Than Tallahassee Moment of the Week

Until next episode: Fin.

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14 responses to ““I have frog fear”: Recap – AMC’s The Walking Dead – S01E03 – Tell It To The Frogs

  • kjewls

    My favorite part:

    “Andrea and Amy: Have a tearful sisterly reunion that doesn’t move Spidey.

    Spidey Sense: You know how The Vampire Diaries has Useless Aunt Jenna? Try imagining two of her!

    Amy: Is not to be confused with the awesome blogger behind Imaginary Men”

    LOL! I adore searching for all the non-The Walking Dead references you throw into these posts! TVD, The Hunger Games, Saw, Love Actually, of course – Zombieland — these references are FILLED WITH ALL KINDS OF WIN FOR ME, because, as a non-TWD watcher (The show still looks WAY too scary for me *blushes*), I can still feel a part of all the dangling limb, slow-walking, frog-baiting, body-chewing action!

    Another tour de force, Cherie! You get major thumbs up from me on this one. I can’t wait to read the next installment!

    P.S. Your New TV Boyfriend Glenn sounds yummy. Got a picture to share (preferably a shirtless one ;))?

    P.P.S. Speaking of shirtlessness, or nearly so, that ASkars pic you included? *Sigh* LOVE!

    • Spidey Sense

      It is kind of hilarious how many crappy characters are named Amy, like Slutty Amy from TVD and now Useless Amy from TVD. Must be the universe’s way of balancing out the awesomeness of OUR Amy 🙂

      I promise I’ll put in a pic of Glenn for you next recap. He has Charismatic Geek hotness and is a cute Asian like Mike Chang, so I am hoping that he is revealed to have similar abs of steel (alas, he hasn’t had a shirtless moment yet!)

      “Dangling limb, slow-walking, frog-baiting, body-chewing action!” Now there is an awesome show tagline if I ever heard one!

      And I love that reference queens like you can get the most out of these recaps 🙂

  • Marc

    Orc zombie in the forest getting arrow in the head.

    Is this that ‘poetic justice’ everyone keeps rambling about for what Lurtz did to Boromir?
    Has our greatest hero been avenged by a sudden twist of fate, where Lurtz has become a victim of the modern age?

    I gotta say, though: the head still moving after being chopped up? Yes PLEASE.
    That looks a little bit too old to be Bambi though. I think it might be Bambi’s estranged meth addict elder sister. I saw her on some street corner the other day. It’s a shame she’s dead.

    By the way, are you sure blondie is talking about the log he threw on the fire, or the magic he creates each morning whilst performing one of the three esses. You know what I mean.

    And one more thing: what’s wrong with frog’s legs? have you got something against French cuisine? I am greatly offended.

    And I’m sorry, but I think I got the wrong songs going through my head when you’re talking about Merle.
    I can’t help but turn my attention to The Cat Empire (can’t remember the name of the song) Lord unbind my feet … unchain my hands etc. etc. You know the one?
    And Praise You just makes me think of Fat Boy Slim.

    • Marc

      It’s called The Crowd.
      the Cat Empire song that is.

    • Spidey Sense

      Marc, seriously, you CRACK ME UP!

      The fact that you can make that connection to Lurtz did to Boromir means you WIN AT LIFE in my books.

      If you haven’t actually downloaded any Walking Dead eps, I recommend doing so purely so you can see cracktastic stuff like the dead head moving.

      “I think it might be Bambi’s estranged meth addict elder sister. I saw her on some street corner the other day. It’s a shame she’s dead.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I was rolling with laughter for about ten minutes with this passage. The seedy underbelly of Bambi’s family. LOVE IT!

      Oh yes, read any sexual innuendo into blondie AKA Viking Vamp Eric from True Blood that you want 🙂

      I’m sorry to say, even though my name is French, frogs legs is a dish that has always triggered my gag reflex with its name alone. URGH!

      • Marc

        YAY! I wins! All your base are belong to me!

        I wish I could download them but I can’t I only have internet at work at the moment thanks to difficulties with phone lines.

        And I wasn’t so much talking sexual innuendo with blondie – it was a poo joke.

        And frogs legs aren’t all that bad. A bit too small and lacking in satisfaction perhaps. But not bad at all.
        But then again, I’d eat anything that isn’t human.

        • Spidey Sense

          Guess my idea of morning magic is very different 😉

          So tell me – do frogs legs taste like chicken?? I’m turned off by the very idea of them, but must admit I’ve never actually tasted them. So I am very much like my Harry Potter hating brother who has never read a book in the series and staunchly refuses to do so while having a very strong opinion about the books!

          • Marc

            Well everything tastes like Chicken (or lamb) to the human taste buds – this is partly because of that KFC meal you had a couple years ago that keeps repeating on you.
            Or in the case of lamb, that yiros you completely ate when you were drunk that one time you forgot about.

            I find it difficult to describe the taste of things, especially those things which are unique so all i can say is: “erm, it tastes like frogs legs?”
            Either way, it’s damn hard to tell the taste because they’re that damn small.
            Also, have you tried snails yet?
            Next on my list of things to try is horse, then dog 😉

            And what’s he got against Harry Potter? I quite like the books. The first movie I thought was crap, but that was due to the screenplay and director letting it down, the other couple of movies I’ve seen have been quite good.

            Funny story, I had a warhammer battle with Hagrid this weekend just been.
            Well, his nickname was Hagrid.
            He’s a dairy farmer.
            He’d shaved most of his beard off, but retained his mutton chops.
            I was quite impressed with this amazing display of facial-hair-prowess.
            He kicked my arse as well: 20pts to 5pts so, if Hagrid pulls out the Tau, don’t mess with him if you’re Eldar.
            His only wins were against Eldar.

            • Spidey Sense

              I will NEVER think about chicken in the same way again. Speaking of yiroses, have you ever tried an AB? If not, you need to go to the Blue and White Cafe or Red and White Cafe along O’Connell PRONTO! They are definitely a drunk night food of choice.

              I like how you simply say that frog’s legs taste like frog’s legs. Reminds me of when I asked what her stuffed toy dog was filled with and she said “dog”. Makes perfect sense to me!

              Eh, my brother Jamie has taken an intense dislike to the series in principle, probably because I like it so much 🙂 We get along well, but we are siblings in the truest sense of the word!

              The description of your Hagrid’s facial-hair-prowess was too hilarious for words :). Must admit I have no idea what Eldar is, but I’ll hedge a guess that it is a video game?

              • Marc

                Well, it has been made into a video game, but video games don’t interest me.

                Eldar are futuristic style elves from warhammer 40,000 – a tabletop game involving miniatures etc.

  • Paul Rees

    In defense of Orcs. Orcs are severely misunderstood creatures. Those of us that seek a simpler life would not be too hard pressed to go much further than Orc-life as a model for existence. No moral ambiguity to worry about. Not much pressure in the kitchen either. And no need to worry about providing a variety of food options. Orc children would not need have any problem with school teachers, and schoolyard bullying of said Orc child would be non-existent. Drilled down, Orc existence is an uncomplicated one, something that is surely appealing to those troubled by our overwhelming life challenges. Therefore, Orc-Zombie would be a further deepening of the perfect existence, would it not? I don’t think the killing of the first iteration of the Orc-Zombie was too clever. No time was taken to understand this new lifeforce. No. Behead first, ask question later was the typical response. let’s hope that Walking Dead further explores (via the make-up accident department) the world of the Orc-Zombie. Or maybe this will be the one and only sighting and therefore our one and only chance to learn.

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