Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – GQ Mother Huh?-ers


You know that disappointed feeling you get sometimes, like when Santa neglected to leave the requested Tyler Lockwood or Jeremy Gilbert as a present for you at Christmas time?

The GQ photo of Vampire Diaries trio Trevino, Zach Roerig and Steven R McQueen left me a little cold.

Sure, this picture has a crouching werewolf, hidden sex god, element to it, plus Legal to Lust Over (TM Amy) McQueen arm porn and Roerig’s baby blues working overtime.

But allow Music Sex God to show you what I was expecting…

There’s a whole slideshow to gape over at GQ. Thank Amy from Imaginary Men for the link!

So, I’m going to do GQ’s job for them and show you just how damn good these boys, and, for good measure, the rest of their male castmates, look all suited up.

Michael Trevino


Zach Roerig (with bonus Matt Davis!)


Steven R McQueen

Jeremy has his James Bond moment.


Daniel Gillies


Seriously, can I just have Elijah’s three piece suit babies? I’d even settle for birthing his half-demon, half-human lovechild if our spawn inherits his sense of style.

Now, I know that the Brothers Salvatores were actual GQMFs once upon a time, but I bet you’ve seen those pics already. So how about we see them cutting a fine figure in my favourite suit shots to date?

Ian Somerhalder


Paul Wesley



Also, to finish up, a simultaneously hilarious and hot GIF. Witness the magical disappearing cigarette from McQueen’s lips!


F**k, GQ, I don’t ask for too much.

I just wanted these boys in goddamn suits, like is your magazine’s whole reason for existing.

Next time, pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry on the side give us REAL GQ motherf**kers.

(BTW, sorry this is SO late, you guys! It is festival time here in Adelaide, I work in an arts agency… so I’ll get my usual posts out in the next day. Notice I make my apologies after buttering you all up with  GQ Motherf**kery ;))

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30 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – GQ Mother Huh?-ers

  • Paulwesleylover

    Can I get an Amen!!?? I totally agree with you. And thanks for the panty soaker pic of Paul. Mmm Mmm Good.

  • André

    For them it’ should be either suits or nothing at all

  • kjewls

    That is some seriously sexy TVD-themed Suit Porn you have there! I particularly love the Rat Pack-esque GIF on the bottom of your post. What’s McQueen smoking in that one, exactly? 😉

    I actually never saw the gorgeous Ian suit pic you selected. So, muchas gracias for that one. 🙂

    And what is this I hear about GQ doing “sports-themed” shots of its stars, instead of “suit-themed” shots? Who do they think they are, Men’s Health? 😉 (I mean, at least in Men’s Health, the guys are usually shirtless, and wearing tight shorts. I mean COME ON!)

    • Spidey Sense

      Rat Pack is the PERFECT way to describe the feel of that last GIF!

      I found that Ian pic a while ago and just loved everything about it – how it captured his sexy, charming personality perfectly. I was waiting for the right moment to unleash it onto the Spidey masses 😉

      That is disturbing, disturbing news of these sports-themed shots becoming a regular occurrence in GQ. Don’t they know that we go to them for Suit Porn and Suit Porn alone???

  • Gen

    Holy baby Jesus right on babe! I was like what is this f*ckery?! My boys need to be in suits! I demand another photoshoot! I had to get hotboysinsuits!kink from watching “Masquerade” a few times. Unacceptable GQ.

    • Spidey Sense

      Bwahaha! Hotboysinsuits!kink… we really do need to go to a convention together, preferably one where formalwear is involved at some point.

      Hopefully that is GQ’s endgame; to whet our appetites for the real deal. Otherwise, why else risk incurring the wrath of the rabid Vampire Diaries fanbase? I would argue that we are among one of the most obsessive fanbases on social media. Maybe not necessarily the largest, but among the most protective of the cast and crew.

      Aww, GQ, and I was all prepared to give you snaps, too, ALA Cher from Clueless!

      • Gen

        One day dude, one day. I need to go to one.

        Supernatural’s fanbase is probably the most aggressive fanbase I have ever witnessed. Seriously. TVD’s fandom is just as awesome, but Supernatural’s fandom is just as aggressive and protective of the cast if not more so. Probably more, since Supernatural has been on much longer. TVD will get there one day lol. No doubt in my mind.

        But yes GQ needs to reassess what they have done to us lol. Clueless reference! *High five* Gah! Friggin GQ. Bastards. I will not be happy until my one if not all my boys are on the cover. Endgame baby.

        • Spidey Sense

          Haha! Endgame, just like a certain baby were and baby vamp we know! “GQ needs to reassess what they have done to us”. Classic!

          You know, I’ve never actually watched an episode of Supernatural? *blushes* I REALLY need to get on that during the next big Vampire Diaries hiatus.

          I was part of the Buffy fandom, but Supernatural and TVD have hit when the internet and social media are working in full force. It must be a heady experience being an actor in the centre of this fangirling and fanboing storm.

          Amy, Julie and I tried to get to Comic Con this year, but next year we will get there! I couldn’t make this EyeCon *sniffle* but if they have it again I will definitely go to that 😉

          Gah! Vampire Diaries boys, why do you have to be so gorgeous that you make us do crazy things like want to cross continents and oceans for you?!

          • Gen

            So endgame. Is Tyler back yet? BAAAHHH!

            I love being apart of the online fandom, but sometimes it takes the surprise and excitment of the show. I loved BtVS so hard and cried like a baby when Buffy sacrificed herself at the end of S5. The show was moving to another network that wasn’t available in my area and it was the end for me. It was until the series was already end, like last 2-3 episodes, that I was able to start watching again. I was devastated. I digress, being apart of the online fandom takes away that sense of the unknown as far as spoilers are concerned. But I can’t help it and it’s fun to talk to people about theories and the general fangirling of it all lol.

            I got into Supernatural very late, but honestly when it’s all said and done, it will go down as my favorite show ever. Buffy has held the top slot for years, but Supernatural has affected me in such a profound way I don’t know how I didn’t watch sooner. I was able to relate to the family aspect of the show and there have been lots of tears shed due to this show. It’s beyond quality. I definitely recommend it. 🙂

            I haven’t been to any conventions or comic-cons ever. I don’t have RL friends who would ever think of going to anything like that. Being unemployed also holds me back lol, but going to one is a definite dream of mine.

            Those beautiful boys will have you doing all kinds of crazy things. 😉

            • Spidey Sense

              Don’t worry, you’ll get more than enough Tyler to satisfy all your needs (for this week, anyway) with my mixtape 😉

              I know what you mean about spoiler whore-ism – I just can’t help myself! Although I must admit that I am yet to be 100 per cent correct in any of my theories for TVD, and they always throw in OMFG moments, like Jonas dropping the weres like stones with his brain.

              It’s funny how shows about brothers seem to bring out the rabid fans in us 😉 It must be a quality show if you like it, since from your blog, and your general obsession with your husband Michael Trevino, I can tell that your taste is impeccable when it comes to pop culture! Hehe! Nothing has quite gripped me in the way that TVD has. I loved Veronica Mars but wasn’t part of the fandom in such an engaged way. Tyler and Caroline have just edged out Logan and Veronica as my OTP, so I am ridiculously invested in how Tyler turns out when he returns just like you.

              Don’t worry hun, we will squee together about Trevino!Ass and hotboysinsuits!kink in real life to make up for this GQ f**kwittery ;). I have RL friends into TVD, but they can’t quite get my passion. Though I don’t think we get any more passionate than sports fans about their respective teams.

              • Gen

                I cannot wait for that mixtape!

                My theories don’t seem to work out either and I love that. The TVD writers have done such a great job of keeping us guessing and just when we think we have it they throw a curve ball. Awesome.

                Very quality. You won’t be disappointed.

                Joey and Pacey from Dawson’s creek are my ultimate OTP and Tyler and Caroline are really starting to creep up on taking that top spot away from them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do take that spot, those two have just stolen my shipper heart.

                I need Tyler to come back. I would love to see him come back all BAMF-ry and save the day, but if he comes back not wanting anything to do with that life or vampires I would love that too. Just coming from a point where despite him not wanting any part of that, but not being able to stay away from Caroline (because we know he won’t be able to) would just make me a happy fangirl. To watch them slowly come back together against all odds…*rubs heart* It would be epic.

                You’re luck for RL friends who at least watch the show lol. Mine are too busy watching Jersey Shore and America’s Next Top Model.

  • imaginarymen

    This is awesome bc it’s true: “I just wanted these boys in goddamn suits, like is your magazine’s whole reason for existing.”

    Rock on Sister!!

    And I found that Music Sex God shoot at the start of The Obsession when I thought to myself “I wonder if Brandon Flowers has ever done a GQ spread bc if not – he SHOULD” ;-00

    I agree, the TVD GQ Pic is all kinds of “Eh”. Why do their legs all look spindly?? But I DO love that EuroHotPaul pic – I was gonna use it in a post too! Mommy LIKE!! (TM KJewls!!)

    • Spidey Sense

      It has been a busy, LONG couple of weeks, and all I wanted was some Suit Porn, dammit 😉

      Music Sex God just has the most unbelievable frame for suits. He is slight and has lean legs to cut lines that are sharper than Cillian Murphy’s cheekbones, but still muscled enough to look manly and sexy.

      Actually, all of TVD boys having surprisingly slim legs, especially Trevino (as you might have noticed in my repeated exclamations of the skinny jeans he has been rocking in recent episodes ;)). I guess their arm porn is misleading about the rest of their bodies! The pic was cute by any other magazine’s standards, but I guess I just view GQ as existing in another stratosphere and my expectation were sadly not met… this time.

      EuroHot Paul is my favourite type of Paul in a suit! I love the non-traditional look of a vest and closed shirt rather than tie. This doesn’t always work, but boy does he pull it off in fine style here!

      • imaginarymen

        Oh don’t get me started on the aesthetics of Brandon Flowers body!! ;-00

        He’s ridiculously well proportioned – long legs, nice frame, broad shoulders – but he’s not too bulky and recently has been just nicely fit and not as skinny as he can be (and he IS skinny!) Plus he’s got a great ass which he knows how to accentuate w/ the Black Outfit of Lust!

        He can also Strike a Pose like no one’s business and clearly the camera loves the ever-loving hell out of him. I should post a few more things that popped up this week on your wall. If you didn’t know he was a singer, you’d think he was a particularly hot male model.

        • Spidey Sense

          Brandon Flowers just has personality and charisma to burn, and that is what separates him from the leagues of hot men throughout the world. There is just that little something special in him. I can quite put my finger on it, but I am happy to spend many more hours pondering this while looking at his gorgeous visage in your blog posts and Facebook updates.

  • Pacey Coat Porn!! « she liked Imaginary Men best of all

    […] Thanks to Blogging Pal Cherie who showed me these pics and is having her own little BAMF GQ excitement at the moment. […]

  • Sara

    that picture is a bit disappointing. But it does leave me saying “Michael Trevino is soo cuuute!” ❤ i love his cute facial expression! what a cute little wolfy he isss!

    • Spidey Sense

      Aww, Sara, don’t get me wrong – all said and done the picture was still adorable and Michael Trevino couldn’t be cuter if he tried. He has such an expressive face and seems like a sweetie!

      Plus, Zach’s fierce come hither expression is pretty awesome 😉

  • O

    There’s a chance you won’t see this, but heh. I was going through some analytics for my tumblr and found a lot of links coming from here, and I gotta say I love how much you love my baby (is this possessive? I dunno, I can’t help but be that way 😛 what I have for Steven .. is unnatural in its intensity). Talking about FY Steven R McQueen btw. LOVVVE your blog, you’re funny. I’ve been reading your TVD posts for an hr now. 😀

    • Spidey Sense

      Hi O! You’re kind of like a Tumblr celebrity to me. I ALWAYS go to F**K Yeah Steven R McQueen when I need GIFs/images of little Gilbert. In fact, I’ve had you on my blog roll since day one of launching this blog.

      Don’t worry; I completely understand the intensity thing. I am definitely the same way about Michael Trevino. But I still have a lot of love left in my heart for the other TVD boys, especially Steven and Ian.

      T’awww, you’re sweet! I find your little editorial comments on FY SRM so funny too 😉

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