Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – Show us your Calvins, Paul!


So, blogger pals Amy from Imaginary Men and Julie from TV Recappers Anonymous apparently had a wild vampire weekend together at EyeCon.

These two saucy, saucy minxes apparently had a pyjama party of epic proportions with our boy Paul Wesley, as seen in the candid shot above ;). I can only guess that their camera broke when trying to take a picture of Ian Somerhalder kitted out in similar garb.

Don’t miss Julie’s in depth coverage of panels with Paul, Ian, and Spidey favourite Michael Trevino with Steven R McQueen in a joint session. Once you peel your eyes from the above photo, of course!

I should mention that one key fact is that Steven R McQueen is likely to be flashing that gorgeous body of his (TM Gen) in the remaining episodes of season two!

My take on the Trevino coverage, plus all the Trevino-y goodness lately (it has been overwhelming for my girly senses, k?) to come soon!

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11 responses to “Vampire Diaries Sensory Overload – Show us your Calvins, Paul!

  • Courtney

    Oh my good lord… *picks jaw up from the floor* break me off a piece of that!!!

  • André

    The photo has no effect on me. But what else do you have on McQueen showing his body?

    • Spidey Sense

      Hey! I promise to reply to your other AWESOME comment, but I’ll need a little while today to get to it.

      Apparently there is the strong possibility, according to the horse’s mouth, of a Jonnie sex scene. While I’m not really feeling B/J as a couple, shirtless McQueen wouldn’t hurt!

      Ha! I love how you just cut to the crux of what you cared about.

      Aww, by the way, didn’t ya like my Damon coverage (sniffle!)?

      I will be adopting a more objective, though still Trevino-loving approach to Got Forwood – you were right, even if I have my favourites, I still need to be impartial about their character arc.

      • André

        Well your Damon coverage wasn’t quite what I was used to. 😉
        As for the sex scene, well, the new episodes is in one week. Count the days. 😀
        And like I already wrote over there at kjewls site, considered that “all is well” for Jeremy know, well this is often the moment were something big happens to the character in the show. Not necessarily dying but something.

  • imaginarymen

    Aww you caught us. Ian wet and in undies IS indeed a camera-breaker ;-ppp

    • Spidey Sense

      Hehe! Just think, it was impossible a few weeks back to find a wet shirt photo of Paul for a blog post, and then THIS comes out. Though such a glorious photo deserves its own post, really.

  • kjewls

    Well now we know . . . vampire have bigger . . . ahem . . . FANGS . . . than regular people. 😉

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Paul picture! Clearly, in addition to starting a Twitter feed, Paul has started reading blogs. And has, as a result, answered your public prayers, by posing for us in his tighty whities, in which he apparently also decided to take a shower. 🙂 So, thank YOU for convincing him to do so!

    I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts on all the scorching Trevino interviews to which we have been treated in these past few weeks. Suddenly “Tyler” seems to have a lot to say about TVD, and EVERYBODY wants to talk to HIM! I suspect something HUGE is going down with Trevino’s character when TVD returns . . .

    • Spidey Sense

      I’m fully taking this photo shoot as a response to the distress signal tweet that I sent out when preparing that wet t-shirt post, which basically entailed me wailing “why can’t I find Wet!Paul anywhere? Why-y-y-y-y-y-y?”
      I think he has managed to repair all the damage that Sam’s father in True Blood did for me in terms of REALLY BAD associations to the term tight whities.
      I love how Paul apparently took a shower before bed, or after just leaving bed, without feeling the need to actually remove his underwear. It reminds me of this orientation week event we used to have at the student residential college called Port N Choc, where about 200 people in their teens and early twenties in the hottest part of summer would cram into a tiny hallway of the college in bathing suits and old clothes, snorfle port and choc, and then take fully clothed showers with perfect strangers (o week is when everyone would meet for the first time!) in the communal bathrooms of that particular college hallway.
      I think that Trevino was actually hinting VERY heavily about what is to come for his character. Although he was wisecracking, the fact that he slipped up about his shooting schedule says to me that a lot of what he said in jest probably has a grain of truth to it. In which case, badass Tyler will indeed be swooping back into Mystic Falls all manly and confident and hottified even more than he already is. SIGH!

  • Jesse

    You know you’d get me out and talking and commenting with this post, right?

    I can’t actually say anything and the fact that this comment is so long already is a mistery to me. Or well it isn’t. It took me an hour to write that “much” 😉

    I’m still drooling 😀

    Wet Paul is something we all waited for and I LOVE it!!
    Thanks for posting this Cherie!!

    • Spidey Sense

      I was just randomly flicking through a Tumblr and suddenly this gorgeous, wet, Calvin Klein-d creature just came from out of nowhere and rendered me speechless for a good ten minutes.

      I thought of you and Melina from Paul Wesley Fans immediately, of course 😉 I’m hoping that you hadn’t seen the picture before and that I was able to be the one delivering you new Paul Wesley goodness. Wet Paul was truly worth the wait!

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